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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Stumped - New Chairs for the Birds and Squirrels.
Black and Blueberries Installed

This will cost about $100 at a store.
Build one from a kiddy pool for $10.

I was driving the normal route and passed a pile of tree remains, rather common lately. The storms have finished off some bigger trees, so people are cutting them up. We did the same with massive pruning, and I let go some perfect logs because a helper was giving them to a relative who never showed.

I spotted cut up sections and stopped the all-purpose Ichaboat, popped the  massive trunk lid, and looked for specimens. My first try reminded me how heavy tree sections could be. I grabbed two baby cylinders instead, and they probably weighed around 75 pounds each.

An ideal section would be heavy with all kinds of snaggles rising up from it. as bird perches. I built a bulb garden around one in New Ulm. The realtors showed up on the day that all the yellow bulbs were blooming in circles around the stump fragment feeder. They were dazzled.

The Jackson Bird Spa will probably merge with the Convention Center, as mulch and plants and pools create a noisy nucleus of bird and squirrel activity. That is where the stumps will go.

Birds and squirrels like stumps for their relative safety and view of the food. Squirrels will sit on a stump and eat, often after twitching around to make sure the coast is clear. Birds will make stopovers on a stump and look around for food on the ground.

The view out the bedroom window includes:

  1. The Jackson EZ Bird Swing, which holds birds most of the day.
  2. A snow-white Butterfly Bush in full bloom.
  3. A row of sunflowers facing us, all in bloom.
  4. Bee Balm flowers attracting bees and hummingbirds.
  5. The original Community Pool, where the starlings often bathe as a group.
  6. The Convention Center, where seed and water can be found.
  7. Suet close to the window, but all devoured again.
  8. The finch feeder next to the window, used only by small birds.
  9. The many bird baths and an extra pool at the Jackson Bird Spa, with suet feeders.
  10. Two blueberry bushes for the birds.
  11. Beautyberry and gooseberry for the various creatures.
  12. The rustic fence, which harbors toads and appeals to birds for perching, feeding, and preening.

The original view was:
Grass and trees.

Honeysuckle is another all-purpose creature feeder -
butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds.
The is growing up the massive trunk of the dead tree we cut up.