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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Guilt by Association - The Fallacy Compared to Research

Thumbs up for critical thinking,
rarer than hen's teeth among the modern Lutherans.

WELS and Missouri use this fallacy - sui generis, which is also called birds of a feather, or guilt by association.

If someone asks about a matter that I have treated on this blog, the immediate response is - "Where did you get this?" The leaders read Ichabod all the time, so they launch into a wild personal attack against me, closing with "Are you one of his disciples?"

The Intrepid Lutherans published one account of avoiding all mention of me, because all conflict in WELS was attributed to me by such leaders as Disappearing Doug Engelbrecht. I was named W by that group because I was blamed for all problems, just as George W. Bush was by Obama.

When several cry-babies on the WELS Discussions FB page learned they were being quoted verbatim, they immediately blamed my "minions," ignorant of the impotence of blocking, which shocked Lillo. He mentioned blocking me but conveniently forgot to mention blocking my wife.

Like several others, Lillo thought he could write whatever he wanted and remain under cover.

Of all the misleading posts that Greg Jackson has ever published over at Ichabod, this has to be the most misleading. 

When I published their sniveling, they immediately lashed out against my "minions." foolishly assuming that blocking one or two names gave them safety and secrecy, like those bugs who live under rotting logs, secure in the dark dampness. More guilt by association. If someone told me what they were doing, they had to be my "disciples" or "minions" or "cult members." 

If someone reads and thinks about issues, often entirely on his own, he is a cult member, by their standards. 
  1. Do I have men dress up as women and have children put women's makeup on the men?
  2. Do I have new students The Sprinter statue as part of their training as future pastors?
  3. Do I have a secret initiation rite like Mequon's, where the new students dive into sewage water and strip naked outside, in view of the kitchen staff?
  4. Do I engage in anonymous whispering campaigns?
  5. Do I use one term, like justification, and define it by reversing its meaning?
  6. Do I cover up crimes and call it "handling things well"?
  7. Do I rob widows and orphans of their estate money, for a big commission, and call it "Planned Giving" and a "divine call"?
  8. Do I have friends of my opponents put pressure on them to stop?
  9. Have I arranged to steal a congregation and its endowment, the very one kicked out of the sect?

Data Associations
The Internet is a powerful information tool, but Google make it far more efficient through the use of the relational database. The old databases were just lists, but very handy. I can search through 3,000 quotations on my Megatron database. Oh how the Church Growthers would howl when they were quoted.

A relational database organizes by entities, such as denomination, email, age, location, name, etc. This allows marketing people to discover that almost all roller skaters chew gum, so they know where to place ads. Order something on Amazon and Facebook will pop up similar ads.

All the social media work together and truly make this kind of information exponential in impact. I was able to run some blogs for a tiny college and get 20,000 views all over the world in short order. When someone decided to run an official blog for the school, all the searches ended up at my efforts. I said, "Post more and that will change."

Likewise, when people search for Lutheran topics and graphics, they get Ichabod. Friends (aka cult members) tell me they have heard this complaint all over the US.

This works against the false teachers who inevitably brag on the Net about their apostasy. The Net is the best place to promote, and it is abetted by Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and other social media tools.

When I want to prove something, I simply quote the source and link it. Soon the quoted material disappears, so I never stop at simple links. Even verbatim stories with links are denounced as misleading by Appleton Brownie Troop 666.

The crypto-Universalists say, "Oh! Oh! Oh! UOJ!"
This does not make Judas Iscariot a guilt-free saint.
Nor are the Hindus and Hottentots "in Christ," as
WELS-ELS-LCMS would have believers believe.

Where Do Associations Lead?
WELS and Missouri have this snotty attitude that they are superior to the rest of the Kingdom and too pure to associate with the polluted, the errant, the misled.

Where does the idea of marketing the Gospel come from? Missouri and WELS began promoting this at the same time.

All the changes have come from the leaders studying at Fuller, Willow Creek, and Trinity Divinity. 

Traditional worship is almost destroyed among the Lutheran congregations. Why do their services look so much like modern Babtists and Pentecostals? They cannot be an accident -as if most of the clergy and their leaders suddenly succumbed to Wild Hair Fever.

Women clergy originated among the quasi-Christian cults, the Pentecostals, and the mainline denominations. John Brug endorsed this novelty years ago in The Popes Speak aka WLQ.

The historic Christian Church has always taught the efficacy and clarity of God's Word. The idea of an elite group telling the unwashed what the Bible really teaches is - Roman Catholic.

A simple search on the Net will show that LCMS and WELS taught justification by faith, even though the UOJ faction was at work taking over. Once UOJ took over, "We have always taught this and never anything else. We will kneecap you if you dissent from our New Truth."