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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Harvesting Roses Just in Time.
Driving My Gardening Friends Buggy

I was visiting the wild garden in the backyard when I saw the Peace rose had six perfect blooms at once. I found a large vase and filled it with Peace and John Paul II white roses, plus Tropicana and some others. I cut those for Mrs. Ichabod.

The chiro helps Chris with pain, so he gets a vase each week. Mrs. Wright got the Sunday roses, and Mrs. Gardener got a new set of John Paul, Mr. Lincoln, and Veterans' Honor roses. She love fragrant and red roses. Mr. Lincoln roses are red and fragrant.

I was especially pleased to see a lot of beneficial insect activity around these almost perfect roses. Peace and John Paul II were heavily attacked at first. Now they have splendid blooms with no damage.

I do have some blackspot and mildew on those roses vulnerable to those foliage diseases. Given our days of rain, that is not news. I cut off leaves just to have more room in the vase.

 In the course of cutting roses I was able to cut off some dead wood and trim back the savage KnockOut growth. People love the disease free and rapid growth of KnockOuts, but the rapid growth means the blooms go to seed fast. If someone has KnockOuts without any going to seed, that suggests daily pruning and sharp vision. 

That is why I use a strong spray on all the roses. If the petals start flying, those roses are done. Once they are dry, I cut back all spent blooms that I find.

Where to cut? Anywhere. Cut high or low. One of the best methods for rose growth and health is to prune back all the time. The blooms are healthier and the deadwood that develops is removed. John 15:1 ff.

Yesterday was heavy with humidity and the potential of a storm, even predictions of a storm at various times of the day. Nothing happened all day or night - in spite of additional predictions. That is why I watered everything.

This morning - Stormageddon. The sky became black with storm clouds. At some moments, when I was driving, the highway was almost as obscured as on a winter white-out or a foggy day. I drove carefully and had light traffic on my side.

This is a perfect day for the newly pruned roses and the newly planted elderberries, coreopsis, dill, parsley, Chaste Tree, and bee balm. My rainbarrels are filling with fresh rain water, and they were almost dry again.

The vast investment in mulch will soak up water and store it, slowing down evaporation while feeding the soil creatures. All the creatures themselves are moisture storage units, multiplying when water is plentiful, going dormant when the soil is dry.

I have had great results with treating the laggard plants with rainwater, so I am happy to have new supplies.

Borage is wild with growth this year, front yard and back. In both locations, I provide soaker hose irrigation.

I counted 40 sunflowers in bloom, with others ready to bloom soon. These cheerful flowers are increasingly popular, and they should also be appreciated for being the aircraft carriers of the beneficial bug world.

My gardening friends are getting more involved in spotting the beneficial bugs flying around their favorite plants.