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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Some Are Thanking God for the Wrong Reason

Every "free" Thrivent item is really a cheap ad for a radical Left, pan-religious business.
Those juicy grants are a way to bed down covertly with the enemies of Christ.

Facebook is a goldmine of wrong-headed opinion, false stories, crudely edited videos, and snapshots.

Currently, the LCMS pastors are thanking God that their synod president has maintained a "Biblical position on marriage." We all know what they are saying - without offending the other side.

I asked one pastor, "Then why is Matt Harrison working with ELCA and Thrivent?" A Biblical position would make it impossible with work with the opponents of traditional marriage, the advocates of abortion on demand.

Missouri and WELS have been asking women pastors from ELCA to teach them about church matters, how to do church, as the Evangelicals like to say. This goes on at the highest levels of the LCMS and WELS, and no one is bothered.

They seldom respond at all to me, but they call me a troll behind my back. However, about 500 LCMS people are friends. If they really disliked what I write, they would unfriend me - as Matt Harrison and David Scaer did. UOJ makes everyone a forgiven saint, except those who doubt this crypto-Universalist malarky.

Scaer likes to brag about his ELCA friendships.
And why not? - they teach the same rubbish.