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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Underlying Doctrine Determines the Final Expression

Yes, this is a gardening post. And a justification by faith post.

Everything I discuss on this blog starts with creation of the universe through the Word, and that creating Word is Christ, as taught in Genesis 1 and John 1. "Without Him was not anything made that was made." That is all-inclusive.

Moreover, this Creation took place in six 24-hour days. Like the infallibility of the Scriptures, Creation is often shaped, bent, and twisted until the word means the opposite of its original, un-polluted meaning. Likewise - justification (by faith). One must add (by faith) because the shrieking demons of UOJ always mean justification without faith, with an emphasis on without faith.

Gardening articles are going to assume Creation by the Word or evolution. I can find evolution droppings in perfectly good gardening books, like Teaming with Microbes. Some items are hilarious, whether intended humorously or not. But when the content is 99% in harmony with Creation, the conclusions of the book or article are going to be predictable - and good. I recall one passage in Teaming about concern for bacteria output, carbon monoxide or methane, something like that. Concern registered. I was laughing as I imagined how we might license, ban, control, or tax that problem with bacteria.  I saw that remark as a wink at the reader.

On the other hand, most gardening books are nonsense, because they assume a mastery over bugs, weeds, and disease through the use of expensive manufactured chemicals. The authors open up other gardening books and copy the information, adding their own pictures or buying stock photos. A garden can survive all the bad advice and practice, just as the church continues with so many people defaming Biblical doctrine. But a price will be paid in the future, either way.

For instance, the gardening books start with the proper use of NPK fertilizer, with esoteric advice about the right percentages of NPK on the right plants. At the same time, they warn solemnly that manure is very lower on those precious percentages. Why does manure work so well? Now we know - earthworms graze on bacteria, and these soil microbes are the key to plant health and growth. In fact, the manufactured fertilizers pass through the root zone and pollute the water table. Therefore, lots of fertilizer must be used all the time.

In contrast, Creation gardening locks the nutrition in the top 12 inches, because the soil creatures buy and sell those commodities to stay alive, with plant roots ordering what they want from the fungus strands that reach and support every plant and tree, often several plants at once.

The truth defends itself. When the landscaper mocked my wild garden as "weeds," because we like to kid each others, I said, "Count the roses." He has a 10 foot poison ivy vine growing up the side of his house - and he knows it. That is my ultimate weapon, but I am loathe to use the poison ivy the moment.

Once the roses are watered, mulched, and pruned, the only work is cutting more roses and watching people smile as they get them. That is Creation - not work. God does that work through His obedient creatures. I have to study the relationship between plants and beneficial insects all the time, but their work goes on whether I know about it or not.

The more Christians teach Biblical doctrine as it is, without man's opinions, the greater effect the Word will have, because it is not polluted and watered down by foolishness. The Word remains powerful, but that Word is often not used. Instead, the apostates use bait and switch. They pretend to be God's Church while offering Management by Objective, entertainment (aka clown ministry), and motivational speeches from occult gurus like Napoleon Hill.

People lap it up, just as animals lap up spilled antifreeze, because it tastes so sweet as it poisons the body. I had some antifreeze splash into my mouth once - it does taste good. But that does not make me pour a glass to have with a meal.

So the Great Divide is just as evident in Christian doctrine as it is in gardening.

The Means of Grace chapter, Romans 10,
how often is that cited by UOJ gurus?