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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Thrivent Empowers the Monsters at Planned Parenthood -
The Lutheran Synod Presidents Do Not Care

Your pro-abortion, Thrivent suck-ups.
They love Universal Objective Justification - and insurance loot.

Missouri gets $50-60 million a year from Thrivent.

Most have seen the disgusting, horrifying, frightening videos of Planned Parenthood doctors bartering for unborn baby body parts, including one slurping her wine and gulping down cheese.

Link for the videos and story about Planned Parenthood.

Story on Thrivent funding Planned Parenthood.

Belly-aching about losing Thrivent loot - Lutherans for Life. Would you take money from ISIS for programs about marriage and family, you greedy, stupid, frauds?

Thrivent Insurance posts on Ichabod. Brett Meyer posted about the Thrivent funding of Planned Parenthood about six years ago. All the leaders ignored the facts, hoping the story would go away. Funny how WELS knows who has posted anonymously on Ichabod, and stops it. But no such righteous anger erupted over these blood-thirsty barbarians at Thrivent.

Mark Jeske makes $140,000 a year for 10 hours a week
on the Thrivent board, funding ELCA and Planned Parenthood.
He is the fruit of UOJ.