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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Luther Called Himself a "Faithian" - Solafideist

Joe Krohn said...
Maybe it's just me...but if the assurance of my forgiveness is predicated on my faith, I'm in trouble. The ELDoNA cuts the heart out of the Gospel (sic); the absolution of all sin in the death of Christ vs. a faith that at times is not the strength of a mustard seed; in their rejection of a doctrine that they clearly can not even articulate (sic).

There is an ACLC congregation in Oregon and I would encourage them to seek it out.

Peace in Christ, -Joe 

One of the bombastic Ft. Wayne insults is -
"You are not a Christian, you are a Faithian.
Your faith is in faith."

Mr. Douglas Lindee said...
Hi Joe. It might be just you... You can't blame Bible-reading/believing Christians for being inwardly compelled to confess what the Bible plainly says, over and over and over again, and then affiliate with a church body that confesses the same doctrine. It seems rather silly to me for Christians to submit to having doctrine, nowhere stated in the Scriptures, dictated to them from a textbook, instead, while also being told that what the Bible does plainly and repeatedly say, is false teaching.

As for ACLC, they are in a State of Confession, and day is swiftly coming for them to make a final act on it -- to decide whether it was all bluster, or whether they will need to actually separate from LCMS. If the latter, I would strongly urge them to consider the positions of ELDoNA with an open mind.