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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Church Militant Has Become the Church Mellow

Typical Church Growth website photo.
The elimination of battle verses - in the LCMS Lutheran Service Book and the WELS Contemporary Worship hymnals - illustrates a major point.

The Church Militant no longer exists to any extent. The reason is that upsetting people will lead to a loss of income. That is why Otten's Christian News is largely a public relations tool for WELS, Missouri, the Little Sect on the Prairie, and even the odorous Church of the Lutheran Confession (sic). CN is a convenient safety valve that lets people spout off now and then, but the editor is always eager to placate all the Lutheran sect leaders, lest confessional Lutheran doctrine be heard on the streets of Gath.

Paul McCain, blogger emeritus.

Paul McCain's ecumenical crew eliminated Luther's best polemical hymn because the verses might offend various faculty members, District Presidents, the Synod President, and the hymnal committee itself.

WELS toned down or eliminated the battle verses in three hymns - for the same reason. The only people who ever get positions of influence in WELS are sworn to the Blutfahne of Church and Change. If you need proof, go through Kudu Don Patterson's friends list on Facebook. Has he missed any Church and Changer?

This mellow approach does not mean the leaders are nicer. No, they are far nastier than ever. They have no respect for the Word or the ministry. They mastered the art of getting out of parish work altogether. WELS DPs pretend, they get their assistants paid so they can real bishops, all hat and no cattle - just like Kudu Don.

Lutherans are completely merged into modern, rationalistic Pietism - hardly anyone will fight against error, the very point of those verses. Cancer is cut out with surgery, burnt out with radiation or chemo. False doctrine is like a cancer.

And their word will eat as a cancer does: of whom is Hymenaeus and Philetus; 2 Timothy 2:17 [Jackson Modern Living KJV]

And their word will eat as doth a canker: of whom is Hymenaeus and Philetus; KJV

"Luther, You are harshing my mellow,"
as the Lutheran potheads like to say.