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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Changes in Hobbies and Avocations.
New Work Ahead

Higher education has written its own rules for a long time. As I expected years ago, they have priced themselves out of the market by assuming everyone would borrow gubmint money for any degree for any reason. There is also a lot of greed in higher education. The administrators see each student as a walking bag of money, so that twists their management and goals.

I will still be teaching but on a smaller scale. When tuition was reasonable I worked at one school. As prices zoomed, I added a second one and even a third for a few semesters.

I did not even start looking for more educational work. Instead, I am branching out - or going back to my roots in retail.

I will eliminate most of my hobby time on Facebook and reduce blogging. Since I blog more than most, even at low ebb, that will simply eliminate some of the extras I toss in.

Today I am putting this book on justification together. When that is completed and sent to people, I will start on Creation Gardening, which I hope to finish by mid-summer.

Change or Die! really means
Change and Die! with ELCA.
Mark the Mortician approves this fiasco in honor of the Reformation,
but justification by faith earns the Left Foot of Fellowship.

Mark the Mortician has proved my case - that the "conservative" leaders are taking their sects into complete apostasy and fellowship with ELCA.

A layman wrote - "Justification by faith is like formaldehyde, it disinfects, preserves and prevents decay. Too bad Mark the Mortician uses the fruit juice of UOJ to preserve his corpses. They decompose and rot quickly." Signed - A Real Mortician

Nevertheless, I will report the felonies that come to my attention. Someone sent me the drag queen pictures from Michigan Lutheran Seminary, and another one alerted me to the cross-dressers at Andy Mueller's WELS congregation.

Justification by faith is a good topic. "Do you write about anything else?" - one snide little Facebooker asked. I guess he needs to do some reading. A Missouri Synod pastor asked, when I challenged him about UOJ - "How will you give any comfort to the dying?" I said, "You need to study Luther's sermons." Imagine spending a lifetime teaching justification without faith as "comfort."