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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Ministers in Fellowship with UOJist Jay Webber, the ELS, and WELS.
The Institute Is Unaccredited, So the Degrees Have No Academic Standing

Becky Hand preaching the Word #LCMCDNA. Rev. Hand, a Texan, is one of our first MDiv graduates, and we are so proud of her. ILT.

And we have begun! #LCMCDNA this year's#LCMC. Annual Gathering gets underway with Rev. Steve Lien leading the singing of Beautiful Savior. ILT.

Stephen C. Lien

Gallatin, Missouri

Coordinator for Pastoral Ministry

Pastor Steve Lien, our Coordinator for Pastoral Ministry, works with seminarians and pastors navigating our certification process and works alongside office staff in maintaining our lists of active, available for call, emeritus and inactive pastors.  He joins others from the Ministry Board in assisting congregations in the call process, those dealing with other transitions or conflict, and helps equip, encourage and train our pastors.

Pastor Lien grew up in New York City, graduated from High School in Minnesota, and went to Bible School, college and seminary in Seattle and Minneapolis/St. Paul.  He has served as Associate and Senior Pastor in large and small congregations in South Dakota, Texas, Iowa and California.  His background includes a Doctor of Ministry degree focused on organizing and leading congregations for ministry in the 21st Century.  He has also received consultant training and is certified in Myers-Brigs Type Indicator (MBTI). (WOW!)

Pastor Lien and his wife, Joanne, have three grown children and nine small grandchildren.  He enjoys laughing, running, biking, reading and pontooning with the grandkids at their lake home.

Coordinator for Pastoral Ministry

DMin Luther Seminary ELCA 

(like Jack Kilcrease, another ILT staffer)

Stephen C. Lien
PO Box 361
Gallatin, Missouri 64640

Go ye therefore and consult all nations, charging heavy fees, because that is where the money is at.

Jay Webber, STM from ILT, with Gene Bunkowske, LCMS Church Growth Leader,
wonder why I think UOJ and Church Growth go so well together.