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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

From Lito Cruz - DRARE - Dogmatic Repetition of Already Refuted Errors.
Jay Webber and Jon Buchholz Defeated in On Acronym

Many Scripture passages, Luther quotations,
and Book of Concord citations refute UOJ effortlessly.

I just found a term used for the kind of arguments UOJ people make when we debate them - it is called DRARE (pronounced as written) it is the Dogmatic Repetition of Already Refuted Errors (DRARE).

One must listen or read carefully to catch the special words used to signal to other heretics that the speaker or author is 100% Universal  Objective Justification certified.

"In Christ" - means the whole world is declared forgiven "in Christ" although the Biblical term "in Christ" only applies to believers.

"Already completed" does not mean that Christ has died for the sins of the world. Instead, "already completed" means God has already forgiven the sins of every single person, even before birth.

The Atonement, as described so eloquently in Isaiah 53, is not the Gospel for UOJists. They do not comprehend the Atonement. Instead, they blend the Atonement and justification (without faith) together so the Gospel for them is "God has already forgiven and saved every single person."

"Justifies the sinner" really means "forgives all unbelievers, without the Word, without the Means of Grace." 

Subjective Justification does not mean faith in Christ but acceptance of universal forgiveness and salvation without Christ. In fact, one must "make a decision" for UOJ, as JP Meyer says, echoing CFW Walther.

Like the Roman Catholics at the "blessed Council of Trent," they damn to Hell all those who believe in justification by faith alone. They stomp their crosiers and yell, "Anathema sit! Anathema sit! Anathema sit!"