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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Another Example - WELS Vicar Driven Out.
Happens He Objected to an Obnoxious Physical Attack.
WELS Never Forgets, Never Forgives Dissent

Suppressed joy is revealed in posing with Scott Barefoot,
self-appointed sodomy expert.
Why these two? This illustrates a basic WELS problem -
their well protected Lavender Mafia.

Don't worry folks. The original poster erased this thread from WELS Discussions.
Donald Tilbury uploaded a file.
Communication must have broke down because the conversations we talked about were concerning my bishop who wanted me to illegally marry a couple to which I said no.
Portable Document Format
Donald Tilbury This happened about 4 years ago. It took over 8 months to schedule a meeting in which I was basically told I was wrong for bringing it up.
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Donald Tilbury Don't be a victim of the system. Don't feel like it was your fault. I know there are many more people out there that have been abused by the WELS. You have a voice. Don't feel guilty for doing the right thing.
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Richie Draeger Donald, we are hearing only your side of the story. It seems it is much easier to cry victim than take responsibility.
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Donald Tilbury I understand that. I've waited quite a few years in order for the emotions to die down in order to bring this out. I've also asked MLC professors to ask why I was not allowed...they don't know.
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Donald Tilbury I've also asked the ELS seminary president why as well...his response after asking President Wendland,"uh, this is unusual but he [President Wendland] didn't give me a reason. I don't know why you're not allowed to serve in the ministry."
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Richie Draeger I'm sorry you had to go through that experience. However, what purpose does it serve to put (your personal business) on fb?
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Donald Tilbury There are others out there that need support as well. How can you support your christian brother if you don't know they're suffering.
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Richie Draeger Perhaps talk to those in your personal circle...perhaps your pastor at your congregation.
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Donald Tilbury You know what they told me to do. "Keep quiet." "Don't talk about it." Find a different career.
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Richie Draeger from the thread of emails you provided, it seems many people talked with you. It doesn't seem, from your emails that President Wendland made the decision unilaterally.
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Richie Draeger But all that said, we're only hearing your side of the story. Both sides of it are needed to determine what happened.
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Donald Tilbury Have you had your name dragged through the mud by pastors? Let me tell you some of things I've heard from laymen concerning my resignation told to them by pastors. "His medication (adderall) was for his depression. He posted evil things on Facebook abo...See More
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Kevin Scheunemann I know nothing of this situation except the very vague posts here. One thing I observe is: lack of forgiveness and grace in Christ.

If the Pastor was failing the proper Matthew 18 instruction, for correction and admonishment with you, did you approach the pastor with proper Matthew 18 instruction for his error?

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Jerod Butt Unless I am missing something, what are the "Matthew 18 instructions"?

1. Talk to the offendjng brother. (His emails clearly show such.)...See More

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Kevin Scheunemann I was more curious about his local pastor when it came to this. Clearly, there was something going on the pastor did not like. If "mud" was being thrown around....did the local pastor point out error in private, then with witnesses, and if the corr...See More
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Nick Haasch Concerned and polite suggestion: taking a person's words and actions in the kindest possible way, let us assume that the steps of Matthew 18 were followed (tangent: Mt. 18 gets brought up lightning fast anytime anything critical is said against the WEL...See More
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Rik Krahn II "Tell it to the church" is not equivalent to "post it publicly to a semi-churchy Facebook page." This should not be here.
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Nick Haasch As a side thought: I wonder if the internet has allowed us to be more free than we should be with how we handle 'telling it to the church'. It might be slower to write letters and inform various members of the local church, then the district president ...See More
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Donald Tilbury You people do realize this happened over three years ago? Steps were followed. People either ignored it or told me to shut up about the situation.
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Rik Krahn II I might have much more to say, but if this happened 3 years ago, what good is being done by dredging it up now? How is God glorified by you airing all this here?
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Donald Tilbury How is God glorified by letting sin be ignored?
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Donald Tilbury How is God glorified by ignoring problems?
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Donald Tilbury How is God glorified by not fixing problems and preventing new ones from arising? How is God glorified by ignoring brothers in Christ?
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Rik Krahn II Your refusal to answer the question doesn't help your cause.
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Donald Tilbury Shall I use a phrase like you? Because it's for the good of the ministry.
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Rik Krahn II Since you don't know me, or anything about me, I don't understand how you can know what phrase I would use. I also don't understand what good you think it does to attack me.

Here's what I do understand: I understand what it feels like to think you'...See More

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Donald Tilbury Yes, it is a wonderful verse. "Be still and know that I am God." God still uses people. He used Luther but luther didn't "sit down, shut up." He used people like Aaron and Moses. He used people like Peter and Paul to share his message. He used people t...See More
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Rik Krahn II I'm going to say this as lovingly as I can, so please accept it in that spirit: in what you've posted here, you're neither Luther, nor Aaron or Moses, nor Peter or Paul. You're lashing out to protect what you seem to think is a "right" to enter the pu...See More
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Fred Lingenfelder What a surprise! This is the 2nd Scripture reference cited in this matter. Here is a 3rd: 1Peter2:20ff.(NASB) For what credit is there if, when you sin and are harshly treated, you endure it with patience? But if when you do what is right and suffer for it you patiently endure it, this finds favor (grace) with God. (Continue to the end of the chapter.)
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Donald Tilbury When did I say I wanted to enter the ministry after this? When did I say I wanted my situation fixed? I posted to let others know this happens. In no way would I want to go back to the WELS. Did I say I was Luther? No, did I use him as an example? Yes,
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Donald Tilbury Matthew 5:23-24 "Therefore, if you are offering your gift at the altar and there remember that your brother or sister has something against you, leave your gift there in front of the altar. First go and be reconciled to them; then come and offer your gift."
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Rik Krahn II So you're doing this "to let others know this happens"? How is that in any way scriptural, or glorifying to God? Sinners sin, we don't need to publicize it, "to let others know it happens." If every time one of my members sinned against me, I took i...See More
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Donald Tilbury You have some valid points but I think the question still stands as to what good is a governing board if they do not process appeals?
Donald Tilbury Another question for discussion is should the seminary provide an objective reason for not allowing people to continue in the ministry? The only reason I say this is because then opinion and personal bias of any sort would have to be more closely scrutinized before allowing a major decision to be made.
Fred Lingenfelder There is no guarantee of being certified and receiving a call even if all coursework is completed satisfactorily, and there is no objective basis for such decision. It can be a "judgment call" with sadness by dedicated and godly administrators.

It would be helpful if that was made clear to all sem applicants.

Jacqueline DeVore This truly does not seem to be the correct forum for this.