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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Alaskan WELS Circuit Pastor - Same Old Playbook in the Love Letter and Christmas Card Scandal.
Certain Pastors Can Do Anything They Want

Guenther claimed he never saw the Christmas card, which was even
more over the top.
He kept asking if I did - typical.
Am I the circuit pastor?

WELS Circuit Pastor Rob Guenther is a typical bully
in the mode of GA hazing, playing soft or hard:
gaslighting is a good description of what they do.

The District President - another bully.
John Steinbrenner flew to the congregation to reverse
the firing of the pastor for writing a six-page love letter
and a very personal Christmas card to a minor girl in his congregation.

WELS Alaskan Circuit Pastor Rob Guenther finally called me, two weeks after asking for my phone number.

After appearing to be friendly,  he asked about my source for the infamous meeting. Step Two is always a vicious slander attack, which supposedly renders the entire episode null and void. That always happens when something is brought up about WELS. The WELS speaker starts attacking me so quickly that it has become a running joke in the abusive sect.

One WELS layman brings up my name just to laugh at the reaction.

I asked Guenther if he read the Christmas card. He said he had not.

"You were not at the meeting and you have not read the Christmas card sent to the girl? How are you going to straighten me out about the facts?"

Guenther launched into his line, which he repeated many times. "I read the letter and there was nothing wrong with it."

How many pastors write six-page, hand-written letters to young girls in the congregation? That sort of behavior is right out of the grooming behavior of Bill Gothard and other perverts.

Did he report the episode? Guenther insists there was no reason. "I found nothing wrong." I interjected, "That is not your role to play the judge. You have a legal duty to report according to Alaska law, even if there is just a question.

"There was nothing there" - repeating what the bully John Steinbrenner insisted to everyone.


Who are mandated reporters? 

The following persons who, in the performance of their professional duties, have reasonable cause to suspect* * that a child has suffered harm as a result of abuse or neglect, must immediately (as soon as reasonably possible-no later than 24 hours) report that information to the nearest office of the state’s Department of Health & Social Services, Office of Children’s Services:

  • Practitioners of the healing arts, including chiropractors, mental health counselors, social workers, dentists, dental hygienists, health aides, nurses, nurse practitioners, certified nurse aides, occupational therapists, occupational therapy assistants, optometrists, osteopaths, naturopaths, physical therapists, physical therapy assistants, physicians, physician assistants, psychiatrists, psychologists, psychological associates, audiologists, speech-language pathologists, hearing aid dealers, marital and family therapists, religious healing practitioners, acupuncturists, and surgeons;
  • Administrative officers of institutions, including public and private hospitals or other facilities for medical diagnosis, treatment or care;
  • Paid employees of domestic violence and sexual assault prevention programs, and crisis intervention and prevention programs;
  • Paid employees of an organization that provides counseling or treatment to individuals seeking to control their use of drugs or alcohol;
  • School teachers and school administrative staff members, including athletic coaches, of public and private schools;
  • Peace officers and officers of the state Department of Corrections;
  • Child care providers, including foster parents, day care providers and paid staff.
  • Members of a child fatality review team established under AS 12.65.015 (e) or 12.65.120 or members of a multidisciplinary child protection team created under AS 47.14.300
The law encourages the persons named above to also report cases that come to their attention in their nonprofessional capacities. 

"He and Mark Schroeder also have a duty to report to the authorities, but WELS is used to covering up crimes, like the Al Just murder of his wife, the Tabor murder of his wife."

When Al Just murdered his wife in bed, his story became that she rolled over on a steak knife many times. When anyone in WELS questioned this malarky, the loyalists looked at them like they were the criminals. Al Just was found guilty, and he did confess to one of his relatives. But he only served five years. He married his children's baby-sitter after the murder.

When District President Ed Werner was arrested for molesting girls in his own congregation, WELS put out a cover-up story. Keith Free said, "That is what they are saying, he just slapped two girls who got rowdy in confirmation class. I hope that is the truth." Werner went to state prison because the mothers in the congregation did not want another cycle of abuse - the same they had experienced. No one told and everyone knew - just like Bill Gothard, mentor to the Duggar clan.

Daddy Free was a District President, which means he was part of the grapevine to put out the false stories.

Guenther was not getting anywhere, as he admitted, so he said, "The reason I called was - I am concerned for you."

I said, "Tears are dripping down my cheeks and shorting out my cell phone."

The WELS leaders are entirely full of themselves, especially when they have a minor position. He kept claiming his judgment was final when he had not read the card - as if a hand-written letter was innocent and normal.

Scandals play into the hands of the perpetrators. Who wants to spread letters like that around? Who wants to subject the victim to even more harm? In a cult like WELS (or the JWs or the Mormons), the abuse infection is encapsulated and festers.

Guess what, gaslighting fans? Wall was never fired. No, it never happened. Nothing happened. Two council members quit after seeing Steinbrenner in action, live, face to face. The council members who quit the congregation - and WELS, I presume - are the bad guys.

Guenther seemed to gasp when I asked about the parish constitution being changed all of the sudden. The council members had the power to fire the pastor, and the meeting was just a follow up on the decision already made - solidified by the Christmas card.

The rest of the WELS liars will say, "I know nothing about it. Don't believe anything on Ichabod."

I said this while Guenther was practicing his lines on me. "Either Wall did this before or he will again. And you will have this hanging over your head the rest of your sorry life. Your job is not to protect the synod but to protect the children under your supervision. You have a legal and ecclesiastical duty to do that, and you have not."

WELS pastor Wall, married with children.