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Friday, December 11, 2015

From a WELS Layman - Dismay at the Love Letter Cover-up

WELS Pastor Wall is being protected by the circuit pastor. Why?
Who protects the WELS children?

"Now I can join the odious Don Patterson Crime Family."

Good Morning Pastor Jackson,

I have had a busy week, so I am a bit behind  reading the posts on Ichabod. 

Initially, I was surprised to learn that Guenther called you. Then I realized that this was another lame attempt at damage control. 

These water carriers for the abusers in the WELS have got to get with the program. I guess that a fool never learns. 

Guenther’s comments to you cause me to stifle my gag reflex. First, there is the appearance of being friendly. Then, the obligatory inquisition about the source of information. 

The real knee slapper is his alleged concern about you. 

They have to teach these guys to be better liars when they are at the Sausage Factory. A little exposure to the dictionary of logical fallacies might help also.

In Christ,

WELS Layman in Another Area of the Country

As of today, Joel Hochmuth is still working for WELS,
according to his LinkedIn account.
He is in the slammer for massive homosexual porn
file swapping - young boys...
He had hundreds of files in his office at WELS Headquarters.
SP Mark Schroeder absolved him in public and claimed,
"We never knew."

Joel Hochmuth was caught long before the FBI raided WELS Headquarters. The previous time he was giving counseling for his addiction.

Did any supervisor or counselor in WELS report this? They had a duty to report this child abuse,
as as DP John Steinbrenner and Circuit Pastor Guenther do now.

Jim-Bob Huebner, First VP of WELS.