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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Michigander Writes about the LCMS-WELS-ELS Document

The LCMS did not like the WELS idea that everyone is a minister, a called worker.  The LCMS seems to be getting there.  The link is to the smaller LCMS church in Jackson.

Except for the director of the men's choir, all the 'ministry' leaders are women.  I suppose Lyle Schaller's ideas have gotten in everywhere.  He was the "we're all ministers"-guy for the ELCA decades ago.  And here I thought that the leader of a church library was the Librarian. 

It amazes me to read that agreement is seen when The Brief Statement (1932) and common belief in Objective Justification can be listed with a quia subscription to the Book of Concord, and an inerrant Bible text when the text being used is a 20th or 21st century "translation".  All the statement proves is that all three synods should be forced to stop using Luther's name anywhere in their organization.  Luther, if around today, might only say, "It was the pope's crew that called us Lutherans.  I call us Christians."

When the apostles wanted to censure those others who were preaching and baptizing in His name, Jesus did say if they are not against us they are for us.  He also said he would say He never knew some who called Him Lord.  I guess that means those others never did come around to faith in Him and the Word.  They were just doing that to benefit themselves.

The Michigander


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