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Saturday, January 30, 2016

How To Recognize an Abusive Cutl

Women do not preach or teach men,
except at WELS conventions under Mark Schroeder.
WELS has suspended for the moment -
women consecrating Holy Communion.


Message from reader - "Good article!! Add me to the list of the victims united with Ichabod! No one else in the synod stands up for the victims!!"

First List of Lutheran Crimes

Second List of Lutheran Crimes

Those raised within the cult cannot see the marks of the beast clearly. In fact, many aspects of the cult draw the victims closer from a fear of being excluded and shunned.

The constant spying - also known in the Bill Gothard abusive cult - always keeps people worried about who knows what and who is reporting it.

Some of the marks of cult are:

  • The leadership is dictatorial in imposing strict rules, showing savage disapproval if their rules are broken. But the leaders break those rules all the time. In WELS, they were always talking about "fellowship principles" while attending Fuller Seminary and rewarding those who also went.
  • Hysterical denial and lying when the obvious is pointed out. No one ever went to Fuller Seminary, including Valleskey and Bivens, even though both bragged about it, However, if someone else said they went to Fuller Seminary, retaliation followed.
  • Those who begin to see the light are driven away from the congregation or synod in a series of nasty, dirty little tricks. But, when people quit in disgust, the same are drawn back in with a superficial show of affection and forgiveness. The cult wants everyone back, as long as each target has a broken will and a new, servile attitude.
  • Dogma is rigid but changed when certain people decide that can be done. The old attitudes are a matter of boasting until the new set of rules is imposed without notice. Love the KJV and hate the new translations? Then hate the KJV and love the new translations. Questioning the new translation became cause for excommunication in the WELS.
  • Contradictory dogmas are taught at the same time, depending on whether the cult is including or excluding. For example, one future WELS DP would be passing out brochures on "fellowship in externals" being wrong, but the current DP is saying, "No, we are FOR fellowship in externals." When one pastor learned for the first time that his DP was on the board of Lutheran World Relief, he almost cried. "I grew up in WELS and never knew that." 
  • Secrecy is the key approach to every single matter. Therefore, it is a sin simply to be curious about the truth or to seek it out. "How dare you investigate on your own!" - I was told. 
  • No scandal or crime is bad enough to be revealed to everyone else. Because of this secrecy, the criminals are protected while the leakers are searched out and stopped. The evidence has to be erased because "you are hurting brethren and sistern in the faith." Cistern is the operative pun.
  • Therefore, no one knows anything, even if a DP is in court on felony charges against young girls in his congregation, the DMB chairman is in court over his vicar's felonies, or someone's spouse has been murdered.
  • But - pay close attention to this - if the cult is offended, any lie, slander, or fiction aimed against the offender is just desserts, payment due with double interest, 
  • This is how any abusive cult - like WELS or Bob Jones or any IFB church - deals with the truth starting to emerge. "Where did you hear (or read) this?" No matter what the answer is, the response is a volcano of vilification filled with the official "facts" that seem to be everywhere. Hardly anyone persists after hearing how evil, brain-damaged, dishonest, hated, senile, or stupid that source is.
  • Note that Missouri, the Little Sect, and WELS play a game with Herman Otten and Christian News. The abusive sects have minders that encourage Otten to spike any story about their crimes. But if word gets out through persistent CN authors, then Otten and CN are given the volcano of vilification treatment.
  • Publishing in CN is a heinous sin, unless the synod leaders do it. Then they "cannot help it, because Otten copies everything."
  • Finally, because everyone becomes accustomed to these marks of an abusive cult, children and youth of both sexes are sexually abused, just as women are - and no one cares. No one dares report it. The targets do not have the emotional strength to get out of the situation on their own and find themselves re-victimized if they try to end the situation. They welcomed the sex! They seduced the poor fellow - a teacher, pastor, or prominent layman! WELS is advanced enough to have predatory lesbian teachers too. 
  • But nothing ever happened. 
  • I don't know anything about it.
  • Who told you?

If a woman on the staff objects to sexual harassment,
including x-rated conversations
and an x-rated photo thrust at her,
the pastors and their robots sue her in court.