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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Hilarity Continues on SpenerQuest as the Bumpkins Bump into One Another

David Bickel (Drb)
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Posted on Wednesday, January 27, 2016 - 7:12 am:   Edit Post Delete Post Print Post

Pastor Webber’s observation that unity in doctrine is not disturbed by variety in exegesis adds clarity to this debate. He also has a helpful Krauth quote on his site. justificationquotes.html

Has anyone written a credible study of Krauth’s position on objective justification?
Dawning Realm 

GJ - Everyone must be deeply moved that SpenerQuest has adopted Jay Webber as the Great Prophet. Do they realize he earned an unaccredited STM from an online ELCA style seminary - where women are prepared for the pastorate and preach to the seminary community?

The SpenerQuest group may realize they have the marks of an abusive cult, especially the most important one - their ability to live with constant dogmatic contradictions.

Their purity measure is based upon harmony with Walther, someone with even less education than former LQ warrior Paul McCain and current resident guru Jay Webber. Walther associated only with Pietistic groups, conventicles with abusive gurus, in Germany. Stephan was the second Pietism guru, and Stephan brought his sex cult over to America so he could enjoy his young female groupies - and syphilis - in peace.

Flash - the confessional group in the General Council taught justification by faith. Yale's famous church historian, Jaroslav Pelikan, editor of Luther's Works, defined justification as - justification by faith.

These poor dweebs obsess about their Halle Pietism but choose to overlook the glaring deficiencies in their education and Biblical knowledge.

Did I predict this in a prophetic Photoshop, years ago?
A child shall lead them - Jay the OJ guy.
All Biblical doctrine is trumped by universal salvation without faith.