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Saturday, January 30, 2016

On WELS Abuse - From a Reader

Synod President Mark Schroeder - silent.

Everyone complains about Ichabod and the “perceived” damage it does to the Synod. However, did it ever occur to anyone that if WELS would get off its butt and act when a crime is reported, then victims would seek help first from the Synod and not others? But by its own actions, the Synod forces victims to turn to Ichabod. It’s their fault that so many turn to Ichabod for help! They have no one to blame but themselves. After all, the synod’s response is to ignore. They turn deaf ears to the victims, hoping it will go away. They leave victims with little option except to turn to Ichabod for help. It’s a no-brainer. Of course victims will turn to someone willing to listen! The synod had their chance over and over again and they blew it! You blew it BIG TIME, WELS!

Why is Ichabod the ONLY one listening to the victims? Why is he the only advocating on behalf of the victims? Where is the Synod? Oh, that’s right they are down with their head buried in the sand - pretending it didn’t happen! They have their hands covering their ears yelling loudly, so they can’t hear anything bad… just like a two year old throwing a tantrum. Grow up; get a backbone and listen for heaven’s sake!

Is it ANY surprise then that so many victims turn to Ichabod to get their voice heard? Why are people so shocked? Who else can they turn to? It only makes sense that they continually turn to Ichabod because he is the only one listening. He boldly advocates for them. He doesn’t take “No” for an answer. He doesn’t even take “Hell No” for answer. He refuses to be pushed around when advocating for victim rights. Maybe the synod needs to take some classes from Ichabod on “Victim Sensitivity”. Maybe then they would get it! Of course victims will turn to him for help and a sympathetic ear. He won’t ignore them, like the synod does. He won’t hurt them again, like the synod does. Even the Catholics know how to do it better than our Synod! They make a public statement. They denounce the act. They call it what it is….a CRIME! But does WELS….No! WELS is hiding. WELS is covering up. WELS is heartless to victims. If the synod continually refuses to acknowledge the victims, then they should be PRAISING Ichabod for helping the victims and not condemning him for doing what they FAIL to do! Maybe if the synod gets its act together, and actually does something to help the victims, the victims will start coming to them instead. They have already been hurt and are fearful, so when they are berated and ignored on top of that, you add insult to injury and force them to turn to someone who will listen. The synod hates Ichabod….but Ichabod listens. The Synod says Ichabod does damage… but Ichabod advocates. The Synod says Ichabod is too loud…but Ichabod speaks for those who don’t have a voice. The synod should be thanking Ichabod for picking up their pieces!