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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Once Again - For WELS and LCMS Leaders Ignorant of the Confessions - The Eighth Commandment

Several WELS minders, including Marcus Manthey, decided to rail against me on Facebook because I listed a small portion of the crimes WELS has kept from its members, even from its own teachers and pastors.

According to the abusive WELS sect, no one can discuss their crimes unless that person is absolutely innocent of all sin. An exception is that they can talk about their felonies if the purpose is to deny them, forget them, or provide a cover story to supplant the truth.

Didn't Manthey write a tepid criticism of the Church and Changers?
I doubt he railed against them on Facebook.

Luther's Large Catechism, Ten Commandments, 
Eighth Commandment, Concordia Triglotta, #284.

All this has been said regarding secret sins. But where the sin is quite public so that the judge and everybody know it, you can without any sin avoid him and let him go, because he has brought himself into disgrace, and you may also publicly testify concerning him. For when a matter is public in the light of day, there can be no slandering or false judging or testifying; as, when we now reprove the Pope with his doctrine, which is publicly set forth in books and proclaimed in all the world. For where the sin is public, the reproof also must be public, that every one may learn to guard against it.

The WELS-LCMS-ELS-CLC approach has been to label any question about WELS false doctrine or criminal behavior a violation of the Eighth Commandment and Matthew 18.

But we all believe, teach, and confess - don't we? - that it is no slandering when a matter is public, such as Webber, Bivens, and JP Meyer teaching crypto-Universalism while attacking Paul, Galatians, Romans 4, Luther, and he Book of Concord.

WELS-ELS-LCMS-ELCA false UOJ dogma is really the foundation for the criminal acts concealed by its scrofulous leaders:

  • Theft of property.
  • Church worker adultery.
  • Obstruction of justice in covering up crimes and removing evidence.
  • Failure to report abuse of children.
  • Dangerous DUIs and untreated alcoholism of church workers.
  • Spousal murder.
  • Etc.
How dare anyone mention the crimes and cover-ups! That alone deserves several rounds of personal attacks and indignant smoke-screens.

Their outraged responses remind me of the time a layman and I hauled a notorious drunk off the streets and took him to a VA treatment facility for alcoholism. He was deeply offended and said he was not an alcohol abuser at all. He was "just a little nervous."

How many years did DP Werner molest little girls in his congregation? And yet WELS was sublime about the practice, until good ol' Ed was arrested and charged with multiple crimes against his own members, the mothers joining in providing evidence against him. Where were all the outraged leaders when this was going on? They claim to know when a pastor has changed after-shave lotion, but they do not know their district president is an unrepentant criminal, even when his district knows about it and uses it for blackmail?

District President Ed Werner