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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Paul McCain Was Causing a Stir in 2013.
Intrepid Lutherans Became the Fourth Blog To Ban McCain

McCain is in the top four page views for the month. Mrs. Ichabod and I laughed all the way through the latest classic post as I read it out loud, below the dotted line.


Dr. Lito Cruz, with his wife Lynne,has an endless thread on Extra Nos,
featuring McCain and Kilcrease,

but Kilcrease kilcreased all his own comments.

Paul McCain said...
Just one more suggestion, if I may.

I'd suggest doing all you can possibly do to put as much distance between yourself and that wacko Greg Jackson as humanly possible. [GJ - Editor McCain repeats himself.]

I urged Pastor Rydecki to do so, but he remained very silent, which I found more than a bit disturbing. [GJ - Very silent? Is that more silent than silent?]

It's one thing to stand up for what you think is truth, but quite another sort of total foolishness to allow your church body to be trashed in such reckless, and frankly, psychotic fashion, by Jackson, a man who is championing "your cause" as he sees it.  [GJ - Whose mental health was challenged by a moderate, irenic discussion blog? McCain's.]


Was McCain counting up the blogs that banned him,
or just updating his resume on LinkedIn?


Intrepid Lutherans said...
Dear Rev. McCain,

Your ad hominem attack and personal insult against Greg Jackson is irrelevant, unchristian and out of place, especially here where we have made it clear that such personal attacks are unwelcome.

You may consider yourself banned from making further comments on Intrepid Lutherans.