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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Steadfast Bullies - All Bullies Are Cowards

The Steadfast Lutherans - in their solemn clergy roles, below.
The Steadfast Lutherans as they appear on their blog, above.

The Matt Harrison re-election team started the Steadfast (sic) Lutherans (sic) to provide impromptu and alleged volunteer support for Matt the Fat.

Darwin Schauer's infamy is preserved on this blog,
but erased from the Harrison-serving Steadfast Lutherans blog.

When some of the authors let themselves of their cage and expressed their dismay at the LCMS promoting a known sex offender into the pseudo-clergy ranks, Matt reminded them of their lowly stations in life. They caved and removed all the data about Darwin Schauer and the LCMS DP who empowered him.

The editor-in-chief of the Harrison Lobby comes from the parish where Darwin had sex with another minor. He told me about Harrison ordering the cover-up, adding an unhappy face  :(.

Why protect and stand up for children from one's home parish when a career is on the line?

Steadfast Founder Tim Rossow called all those who support
justification by faith "morons.

Steadfast and UOJ
Some may recall that Steadfast did not allow a discussion of justification by faith on their precious posts.

They even made it a point not to link this blog at any time. Most realize that not one of them has a PhD in theology or any publications to speak of, so that protecting their little sandbox is very special for them. Why let people know that most believing Christians teach justification by faith? Why let on that the Chief Article is justification by faith, not universal absolution without faith?

Behind every raging bully is a quivering, pants-wetting coward. They gather their brother bullies into micro-mob or they play hit-and-run, post-and-erase.

I told Herman Otten that Werning changed sides and was defending Bohlmann,
but Otten did not believe me.

Paradoxical Effect
Bullying works in many human endeavors, but has a paradoxical effect in the Christian Faith. The more hysterical the bullying, the more people wake up to the reason behind the loutish behavior of the bullies.

When I challenged "conservative" Waldo Werning about his allegiance to Fuller Seminary and proved he was lying (by quoting my Day-Timer notes), he went into a rage - behind my back of course. One ELS pastor said, laughing, "What did you do to Werning? He is bad-mouthing you like crazy."

Likewise, I drove the CLC's (sic) David Koenig to the brink by telling the truth about Valleskey and Fuller Seminary. He got Valleskey to admit going there, since they were Church Growth brethren of the same mould. When I published the confirmation and my source, Valleskey wigged out on Koenig. An audio tape would have been so amusing. "How dare you tell the truth to Jackson?"

And - that made Koenig angry with me. "The truth makes enemies," as Walther said when covering up the truth about his many crimes.

The truth does make enemies, but only the truth matters on Judgment Day. I wonder what so many "Lutheran" clergy will say when presenting themselves. James wrote,

My brethren, let not many of you become teachers, knowing that we shall receive a stricter judgment.

Steadfast Lutherans annual feast.