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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Books Lutherans Should Read - Must Read.
Later This Will Become a Booklet

I am going to list a selection that really ought to be read in these times, highlighting a few things that must be studied.

His sermons. I like the Lenker collection, found on this blog and various other places, on Kindle, and in print.

Luther's Galatians Commentary. The short version is on the Net. The final printed version is from Kregel. The Book of Concord commends this work twice, so read it, mark it, remember it. You will be ahead of 99.9% of all Lutheran leaders and teachers.

Luther in the Book of Concord.
1. The Large Catechism comes from his sermons.
2. The Smalcald Articles, especially on Enthusiasm. See the graphic above.

1. The Augsburg Confession, especially Articles 1-6.
2. The Apology, especially the section on justification by faith.

1. The Formula of Concord.
2. The Righteousness of Faith, III in the Formula.
3. Examination of the Council of Trent and Two Natures - must be read by pastors.

1. His doctrinal book is quite good, concise. He was a best-seller long ago, for about 100 years or so.

1. Baptism and the Lord's Supper - excellent book and very good on justification by faith.

Pastor Paul Rydecki Books
Where to start? Hunnius would be a good place. The post-Concord era is especially useful to know because Pietism gave us UOJ. The post-Concord theologians were death on UOJ and always taught justification by faith.

Pastor Paul Rydecki has uncovered a wealth of
post-Concord material worth owning and studying.

Get it by Thursday, Mar 24
More Buying Choices

Synodical Conference
1. Stephan book on the real story to be read with Zion on the Mississippi, which is extremely detailed, especially the early years. So much to learn between the two books.
2. Walther Servant of the Word - funniest hagiography ever.
3. Fuerbringer's two books on the LCMS. Eighty Eventful Years and the sequel. Although he was CFW's nephew and did not deal with the criminal beginning of Missouri, Fuerbringer offers many insights about Missouri's first leaders and mentions the personal gift of the jeweled chalice to Bishop Stephan, which the Walther mob stole and used for Holy Communion ever since. Thieves, kidnappers, liars, and cover-up artists - the Synodical Conference tradition.

Muhlenberg Tradition
1. Krauth, Henry E. Jacobs, and Schmauk are very good, verbose at times but great evidence of the doctrinal struggle that took place as revivalistic General Synod leaders became truly Confessional.
2. Passavant's Life and Letters. Anyone who studies the Muhlenberg tradition without knowing Passavant's life is missing the story of this era, now mostly lost and forgotten.

Missouri and the Muhlenberg tradition struggled with Pietism versus the Confessions, but both have surrendered to rationalistic Pietism, universal forgiveness without faith.