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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Big Freeze Is Almost Over - LCMS Will Gather Its Chicks Under Its Wings - WELS, ELS, CLC (sic)

One of these does not belong.
I was discussing the cult-attraction of the Synodical Conference participants with a reader. They have the same pathetic need to be accepted by Holy Mother Sect.

Just as all socialists look to Communism as the culmination of their hopes, so the little sects look up to Mother Missouri as the New Jerusalem, the Israel of God, heaven on earth. Anyone who leaves the bosom of Missouri can and should be shunned, but the icy looks or hostile gestures vanish when the Prodigal rejoins the fold.

Straight Talk - isn't that a micro-aggression?
Jeske's free ad on the LCMS websty.

Mark Jeske is the midwife who quietly minded the patient by being the media star of Missouri, WELS, and the ELS at the same time. He appeared on the Missouri website and WELS pastors were scandalized, for a few seconds. They are always shocked and alarmed for a short time, until the official excuse is passed around.

Joining the board of Thrivent ($140,000 a year!) made Jeske the Elijah of the great reunion - ELCA and the LCMS cult, united by Universal Objective Justification. How can they object when they teach exactly what ELCA promotes - universal forgiveness without faith? Besides that, WELS is not quite so open about it, but the Wisconsin Synod schools are gayer than lavender hose. They just need to get past their habit of lying about it to the membership.

On the sidelines, the cousins Tiefel are knitting together the fragments of the CLC(sic)-WELS-ELS alliance. James Tipple is the Mequon professor, an early promoter of Church Growth and other intoxicating ideas. Paul Tipple is the equally nasty promoter of Church Growth in the CLC (sic). They have done a fine job of turning their abusive sects away from any suspicion of Lutheran doctrine, uniting them in Church Growthism without damaging the methods of abuse still earnestly applied, like whips on unrepentant backs.

Kilcrease is born of a WELS parsonage, yet a product of ELCA and Jesuit education.
 He is an UOJ expert for LCMS, a Roman Catholic lecturer, and professor of UOJ
at Jay Webber's ELCA seminary, ILT.

Rated at Marquette "Class is really boring. He is monotonous, rambling, doesn't use the board much (like 3 times in the semester he wrote a word or two, or drew a map). Not very engaging. 3 essays and a couple exams (essay/mc). he gave out pretty good study guides for all but the final exam. not too hard, just not exciting."

Kilcrease, Jack
Historical and Systematic Theology
B.A. ELCA's Luther College (2001); M.A. ELCA's Luther Seminary (2003); Ph.D. Jesuit Marquette University (2009) 

Kilcrease was apparently invited by David Scaer to promote his ideas a Concordia Seminary, Ft. Wayne. 

Both LCMS seminaries, like Mequon, are so pure that they can invite an endless stream of National Council of Communist Churches clergy to speak at their schools. Due to their purity, these seminaries cannot be damaged in any way by kissing up to Rome, ELCA, Fuller Seminary, Trinity Divinity, or Willow Creek.

  • Jack Kilcrease, O.P. (Dominican, for you Mequon grads)

  Aquinas CollegePhilosophyAdjunct
Jack D. Kilcrease is a Lutheran layperson and an adjunct professor of theology at the Institute of Lutheran Theology and Aquinas College. He grew up in Oregon and attended Luther College in Iowa (B.A. History and Religion) and Luther Seminary in St. Paul, MN (M.A. Doctrine and Theology). He graduated in 2009 from Marquette University with a Ph.D in Systematic Theology. 

He is the author of the following articles: "Martin Luther and Bernard of Clairvaux on the Bridal Mystical Motif," (Journal of Ecclesiastical History) "Creation's Praise: A Short Liturgical Reading of Genesis and Revelation," (Pro Ecclesia) "Kenosis and Vocation: Christ as the Exemplar and Agent of Christian Freedom," (LOGIA) "Gerhard O. Forde on the Law" (Concordia Theological Quarterly). His systematic Lutheran Christology ("The Self-Donation of God: A Contemporary Lutheran Approach to Christ and His Benefits" preface, David P. Scaer) has been published by Wipf and Stock Press.  He is current writing the Confessional Lutheran Dogmatics volume on Sacred Scripture (Yes!)
Supervisors: Greon Kopf, Lois Malcolm, and Ralph Del Colle 

The Table Is Set - Jeske Has Prepared the Appetizer - ELCA Beckons - 

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