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I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty. For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour; Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth. 1 Timothy 2:1-4

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Dare To Defend Halle Pietism - The Source of the Term Objective Justification .
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Higher Things
23 hrs
How can God send anyone to hell? How could God send anyone to Hell? Pr. Borghardt answers that He doesn't. Christ died for everyone. Those in Hell have rejected that....
George Borghardt Greg, this sounds like ELDONA's differences with the LCMS. Since your church body rejects objective justification ("Christ died for all"), then you were already going to reject this video. But, I do thank you for watching smile emoticon

I hope some day our churches are able to be in communion again. Peace!

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Gregory L. Jackson Your opposition is to the Scriptures and the Book of Concord, not another group. But why stay on the subject?
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Gregory L. Jackson

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Ron Pederson If the forgiveness of sins is not already there, accomplished, what is faith to believe? Or does my faith bring forgiveness into existence? But faith isn’t what brings the forgiveness of sins into existence. On the contrary, it is the forgiveness of sins that brings our faith into existence. Our Catechism has a name for it: The means of grace.
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George Borghardt What Christ won on the cross is delivered to me in my baptism. Faith which is born of the gift trusts the word of God in the water. AC III-V
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Gregory L. Jackson Sorry George and Ron, this was settled by St. Paul, Romans 4:24. Stay with that. Focus. Read the chapter in English and Greek. Abraham is the example of righteousness through faith.
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Ron Pederson What is received by faith must be the same as what is offered by God. And if it isn’t, then my faith is the cause for a change in what God offers.
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Gregory L. Jackson That is your rationalistic statement, Ron, not what the Word of God teaches. There is a difference. One should not start with Walther and Stephan as the last word on justification and then filter everything through them.
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Ron Pederson Just for clarification: atonement, redemption, reconciliation, grace, the sins of the world are paid for or won, etc are all in the same genus as objective justification. They are all different expressions of the same thing?
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Gregory L. Jackson You are stuck on the universal Easter absolution of the world, via Halle Pietism. The irony is that your favorite term, Ron Pederson, is from the Calvinist translator's explanatory note in Knapp's Halle lectures: Objective Justification.
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George Borghardt Ron, you are right on this one...

Greg is from Eldona and his little best-viewed-on-Netscape website demonstrates why we aren't in communion together. There's no reason to engage him in his pet topic.

Thank you for the Gospel you confessed here: Christ died for all -- even those who don't believe in Him. That salvation is delivered to us in His gifts. Faith receives, we are saved. Rejection damns.

He needs to do some research on his website design while he's Google-ing the real meaning of universalism. Frames are so 1990's. lol smile emoticon

Have a great day! Happy Laetare Week!

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Ron Pederson Thanks. And I enjoy your short, well done pod-casts.
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Gregory L. Jackson George, you should post a Pietistic love-fest alert. I am not from ELDONA, but why let the facts cloud your sui generis fallacy? Justification by Faith is the Chief Article, something you both deny. If you want to call this my pet topic - thank you. It is the subject of Luther's best book, the Galatians Commentary, which you two have definitely not read, or if you did, missed the point entirely.

Gregory L. Jackson's photo.

Paul Rydecki Our churches will only be in communion again, 
Paul Rydecki Pastor Borghardt, if you stop spreading lies about my diocese and our doctrine, and if you bring your doctrine back in line with the Scriptures and Lutheran Confessions, which teach justification by faith alone, not salvation apart from faith. We teach that Christ died for all. We do not teach that God has declared all men righteous or saved anyone apart from faith, and we certainly do not teach, as you do, that God condemns no one to hell.

George Borghardt I'm sorry. I was putting the best construction on your stuff. There's folks in Eldona just like you who deny objective justification. You are probably friends with them.

In all seriousness, you seem like a person who loves theology. You got a lot of zeal. Learn to listen before you spend time misrepresenting what others teach. I can't be teaching universalism while saying rejecting Jesus lands us in hell. That's just an ignorant observation.

I forgive you for slandering me.

Take care!

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Gregory L. Jackson George, according to you and your Halle Pietists, I am already forgiven and saved. It is not slander to rebuke false doctrine. You need to study Luther's Large Catechism, his Galatian's Commentary, and Romans 4. You studied Greek? Read it in Greek - logizo - counted righteous, not before or without faith. You will not own the Universalism you spout, so I will name you a crypto-Universalist. That is more precise.

George Borghardt Never said before or without faith, my friend. Faith saves cuz Jesus saves. Next response gets you blocked smile emoticon
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Gregory L. Jackson I. AM. TERRIFIED.
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Gregory L. Jackson Don't worry, George. I have preserved the thread on my old-fashioned, Book of Concord friendly blog.

Paul Rydecki For those who are willing to investigate the facts of Pr. Borghardt's slander of the ELDoNA, our public confession is readily available.
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George Borghardt Hey... Lookie smile emoticon. Aren't you Paul Rydecki? Didn't you get kicked out of WELS for denying objective justification? smile emoticon

The gangs all here!

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Paul Rydecki I'm just glad you're helping the world to see what OJ really teaches (e.g., salvation apart from faith in Christ, that God doesn't send people to hell, etc.), and how eager you are to mock the Gospel of Christ and those who confess it. It's easier for the flock of Christ to identify the wolf when the sheep's clothing comes off.

George Borghardt Thanks! Have a great day. My confession is just fine! smile emoticon. Enjoy your days guys! Have fun storming the castle!
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Gregory L. Jackson Not a castle, George, a slime pit of UOJ. The Slough of Despond.