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Thursday, March 31, 2016

ELDONA Pastor Publishes Book

In Meditations on the Old Testament Apocrypha, Pastor Joshua Sullivan explains the apocryphal books in an easy to understand fashion. Far from simply conveying historical information about the intertestamental period, each devotion helps the reader understand these books in a way that strengthens one's faith in Christ and excites one's zeal for the good works which flow from faith. The Christian reader will see many parallels between their own world and the world which brought forth these books. The reader will also be encouraged by the examples of these Jews who strove to maintain and confess the true faith in cultures and situations that sought to stamp out the true faith of the God of Israel. These books encourage modern readers to keep God's Word holy and to live holy lives according to it, even as they live in cultures saturated with the temptation to compromise. Pastor Sullivan also demonstrates how to read these books Christologically. The apocryphal authors, although not divinely inspired by the Holy Spirit, were steeped in Moses and the Prophets. They looked forward to the same Christ as the Old Testament Scriptures and as a result, they painted beautiful, if unintentional, portraits which foreshadow Christ's person and work. When read in this way, these books will deepen the reader's appreciation for Christ and the salvation He offers to all men in the promise of the gospel. Meditations on the Old Testament Apocrypha contains the King James text for the apocryphal books I Esdras, Tobit, Judith, and Wisdom of Solomon as well as original devotional material for each chapter of the apocryphal text.

"Warning. This books teaches justification by faith alone." 

Trigger warning: "Waltherian UOJers have been known to be triggered by the JBFA microagressions in this work." 

GJ - I ended up contacting Joshua Sullivan in the strangest, funniest way. Someone donated money for books for various people. He was one. I sent his order. Then another order aimed at a new person also went to him.

Finally, after those orders arrived, he got Lulu printed books aimed at a third person, who began wondering what happened to his order.

Google and the websites have ways of filling in the information based on one cell. The end result was that Pastor Sullivan won the book lottery and the others got their orders a little later.