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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Fun with the Bird Feeders Today

This is not my photo, but I bought this bird feeder at Lowe's for about $10, and it is great. I hang it from where the hanging platform once dangled.

Our athletic squirrels were banging the platform off the window.

The final bird-feeding configuration was:

  1. Hanging the Lowe's feeder, easy to fill with sunflower seeds.
  2. Buying a tall pole for the platform and planting it close to the window for viewing and away from the rain.
  3. Filling the squirrel-proof (HA!) feeder with finch food, which the little birds love and the squirrel ignores. The squirrels shop at the Lowe's and the platform feeder.
  4. Hanging seven pounds of suet from large baskets from the squirrel-proof feeder.
  5. Storing one bird-bath under the eaves so it can be filled with rainwater, dumped onto the Butterfly Bush, and refilled with tap-water when necessary.
  6. Keeping the Jackson EZ Bird Swing, which is now above the platform feeder. It is their favorite place to rest when waiting for food.
  7. Using rescue tree stumps as supplemental feeders in the Bird Paradise section. There I have another bird bath and some bird-friendly plants, such as blueberries.
Birds know who feed them, and they sing, chortle, and chatter when Sassy and I walk. The robin is so fixed in the rose garden, with thousands of worms to eat, that he often just ducks behind a bush and peeks out as we go by.

I was inches away from our squirrel in Bella Vista when I took this photo. He mocked and humiliated me with his raiding of the squirrel-proof feeder. I eventually stopped filling it, but I brought it with me to Springdale, 25 miles south, where the squirrels want nothing to do with the finch food I put in it.

Norma Boeckler reported that switching to finch food also keep the squirrels at bay. They will eat anything but finch food is way down on their list.