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Thursday, March 31, 2016

What Have We Learned from the Property Brothers' Congregation in St. Louis - Which Bragged about Their Woman Staffer Preaching and Distributing Communion?

The brothers kidnapped their niece and nephew from their father's parsonage.
CFW stole 120 acres from Stephan and the bishop's son.

After stealing everything from the bishop, Walther's mob falsely
accused the robbery victim of keep back some of their loot.
They kidnapped Stephan at gunpoint and forced him over to Illinois.

The LCMS constantly lies about their early history, which is well documented in Zion on the Mississippi and in the Stephan In Pursuit of Religious (sic) Freedom.

For hilarious hagiography, no one can top Servant of the Word, which rivals The Glories of Mary.

For starters, the LCMS was begun by a Bohemian Pietist who never finished college. That is where their UOJ came from - Halle Pietism reinforced by Bohemian Pietism.

The Property Brothers were raised by a rationalist father, trained in rationalism in Leipzig, and nurtured in abusive Pietism by two different gurus of Pietism, Stephan taking over for the one who died.

Walther was never trained in Lutheran doctrine at all, but Stephan did have an on and off relationship with the Book of Concord. One could allow that the Property Brothers had that background of Luther studies that any Protestant clergyman would have had, doubtless more than the zilch offered at the LCMS-ELS-WELS seminaries today.

Walther had no command of Lutheran doctrine but continued in his bifircuated rationalistic Pietism. He had little knowledge of the Biblical languages, so he paraded his knowledge by being boss of everything, writing his own doctrinal compend, and crazily lecturing in Latin.

CFW continued his Property Brothers reputation by taking over his dead brother's call and later asking that Loehe give them the Ft. Wayne seminary for free while continuing to support the school. No wonder Missouri grew - with the bishop's gold, the bishop's library, the bishop's property, and a free seminary in Ft. Wayne - with promised financial support from Loehe.

I get Christian News online, so I know the new edition decries Universalism, the hidden doctrine of LCMS-WELS-ELS-CLC (sic).  That came from Stephan and Walther, so they cannot give up the imaginary act of God pronouncing the entire world forgiven and saved.

The abusive tyranny of Stephan and Walther has continued in each generation, and so has the rationalism of the founders. Since UOJ is at war with Biblical, Lutheran doctrine, it was only a matter of time before Missouri came out with a clear declaration of women's ordination.

WELS already had women consecrating Holy Communion, and Missouri has had ELCA women students (Trinity ELCA Columbus) baptizing, preaching, and celebrating the eucharist--back to 1987, when I saw the official document at the Trinity Library.

Now Missouri is coming out in the open at Walthers' congregation, which is only appropriate, given their history, heritage, and hagiography.

How many founders steal the bishop's chalice and use it for Holy Communion, refusing to give it back to the Stephan family?