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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Six Degrees of Separation from UOJ - Clergy Getting Antsy about Their Once-Favorite Dogma of Universal Forgiveness without Faith

According to LCMS Pastor Tim Rossow and his pussycat -
Luther, Melanchthon, and Chemnitz are "morons."
He and his ilk deserve our everlasting contempt.

One reader sent me a note about the clergy not being all in for UOJ. They are stuck with some of the terminology and yet... are uneasy with the extremes of WELSian posturing.

I opened up my LCMS folder of pictures to look over some leading characters.

Steadfast Lutherans is 100% for UOJ - Steadfast Flounder Rossow called those supporting justification by faith "morons." All links to Ichabod are banned by Steadfast - a great honor, I might add - and they adore any and all support for UOJ.

Steadfast is the lobbying group for Matt the Fat, SP of the LCMS, and Paul McCain seems to issue orders in his name.

The LCMS, ELS, and WELS leaders were delighted they could agree on UOJ, in their last revelation from Mt. Zion, so I am not seeing any light between them and UOJ, not even a sliver. They are wedged into UOJ like kids in a schoolbus.

The effective wording from the LCMS is from the Brief Statement of 1932, the beginning of the end for Missouri, when the Stephan-Walther-Pieper faction took full control and never let go.

Holy Scripture sums up all its teachings regarding the love of God to the world of sinners, regarding the salvation wrought by Christ, and regarding faith in Christ as the only way to obtain salvation, in the article of justification. Scripture teaches that God has already declared the whole world to be righteous in Christ, Rom. 5:19; 2 Cor. 5:18-21; Rom. 4:25; 
LCMS Brief Statement, 1932

The rot that followed included their

  1. Embrace of mainline dogma and ecumenism, 
  2. Biblical errancy, taught at both seminaries, tolerated in the clergy,
  3. Pentecostalism, tolerated in the clergy and laity, and
  4. Fulminating Church Growth (rather than the Means of Grace) as their method.
In short, their 1932 BS had God declaring the entire world forgiven, with hilariously bad citations supporting it, such as Romans 4:25 (excluding Romans 4:24). So - in their glory days, at the peak of their climb, just before the stall at high altitudes, Missouri admitted to all the world that they could not read or grasp Romans 4:1 - 5:2. They had Walther and Stephan exactly right, but set their faces steadfastly against 
  • St. Paul, 
  • Augustine, 
  • Luther, 
  • Melanchthon, 
  • Chytraeus,
  • Chemnitz, 
  • Leyser, 
  • Hunnius, and 
  • Gerhard.

In contrast, the relatively dim-witted WELS leaders had JP Meyer's Ministers of God, an alleged commentary on Corinthians. They re-issued this great classic of false doctrine, with Panzer as the editor (and appointed executioner of the two Kokomo families). We all know WELS is infallible, that the Holy Spirit would never let any of its leaders be wrong in their ex cathedra declarations. The first three Kokomo Statements came directly from that commentary. so WELS had to lie about that, even though Sig Becker admitted that to be true.

In anyone doubted - look around the room glaring ferociously - the Kokomo Statements, used to extend the Left Foot of Fellowship to two families of dissenters, made certain the forgiveness of all people on earth and in Hell, guilt-free saints whether they believed or not.

Cascione's SpenerQuest has always supported UOJ, routinely savaging anyone who disagreed. They also bury any arguments that show how foolish and anti-Lutheran they are. I saw that when participating in their rigged discussions. If Rolf Preus conceded that people are justified only through faith, his comment was buried in a torrent of opinions. If I quoted Rolf agreeing  with the justification chapter in Thy Strong Word, that was also buried.  If a layman questioned UOJ, he was beaten like a rented mule until he repented, with Rolf doing most of the work. 

LutherQuest (sic) offers comfort to Sodomites.
Looking over my cast of characters, I do not see any leaders walking back their UOJ declarations. To do so would mean repudiating the false doctrine of Stephan, Walther, Pieper, Pope John the Malefactor,  JP Meyer, Sig Becker, David Valleskey, and Forrest Bivens.

They would have to apologize for extending the Left Foot of Fellowship to those who maintained the correct doctrine of the Bible and the Lutheran Reformation justification by faith.