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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

When Will This Happen to WELS - Given Their Contempt for Women?
Click on the Link for This National Story

St. Paul’s Before and After the Owen Labrie Rape Trial

Owen Labrie's topnotch defense team made it seem
like Owen was a victim.
He was 18 - she was 15.

I mentioned this case before. The private high school has a history of score reports and competitions to see who can "slay" the greatest number of young girls. They even wrote a chart  on the walls, which was painted over by the school, and then filled out again by the male students.

Alcoholism is why the men in the WELS system never grow up. They act like perpetual adolescents because

  • they were born forgiven, according to UOJ,  
  • know how to protect one another and 
  • use mutual blackmail to thwart any real discipline.

Like the young teen girl in this story, which is really a case of statutory rape, the WELS victims and their families who speak out are shunned by the synod, the abuser, and even the congregation.

"Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son."
Unless one is enjoying the benefits of the superb WELS educational system.

Going through college and seminary drunk makes a difference too. Alcoholics do not grow up. They use their addiction as a way to avoid adult decisions, adult responsibility. When their abuse is confronted, they react like four-year-olds, throw tantrums, and take their victims to court.

In the Ski-Glende-Appleton case, the woman's husband was sued in court by Ski, Glende, and two staff members. Synod President Mark Schroeder, the old DP Engelbrecht, and the new DP Zach all supported Ski and Glende. In WELS,  it is OK to drink on the job, make obscene comments to a staffer, and show an x-rated photo to a staffer.

DP Steinbrenner reversed the unanimous firing of a pastor, for cause - and denied anything had happened. The Circuit Pastor, who did not attend the firing meeting or the DP's display of verbal abuse and manipulation, phoned me to say nothing happened. He even admitted not seeing the key piece of evidence. He kept saying, "Did you? Did you?"

Synod President Mark Schroeder violated Alaskan law. DP Steinbrenner violated Alaskan law.  CP Rob Guenther violated Alaskan law. All three leaders had a duty to report suspicious activity. Nothing in Alaskan law allows clergy to cover up suspicious behavior by claiming "There was nothing there."

This case, the Appleton case, and many others should warn responsible adults never go to WELS, LCMS, or any other synod first. Instead, get an experienced lawyer, give that person all the facts and proof, and let the attorney take action. The corrupt synods will start a slander campaign against the victim and the family. They will make sure the victim is slandered, from the top down. That will save them millions of dollars, which is nice for them, because they are already spending millions to settle lawsuits and pay their attorneys.

CP Rob Guenther and his bear.