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Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Stephan-Walther Dogma Is Unravelling Slowly, Like a Badly Done Hand-Knit Sweater

Dance to my music, Dance! Dance!
Why is no one dancing?
As one of my best friends said, "Those clergy who love the KJV and the Book of Concord also reject the Church Growth Movement. Those who love the NIV and ignore the Confessions are in love with Church Growth."

One step more - Those with the most power in WELS, LCMS, and the Little Sect are died-in-the-wool (as in dead) fans of UOJ and Church Growth, delighted to work with ELCA and Thrivent. They are lazy, stupid, and incompetent, but that is all the more reason for them working together and excluding anyone who dares raise an eyebrow.

I showed grandson Alex how effective the eyebrow could be. His father can raise one at a time. So I declared, "Windows is much better than Linux!" LI raised one eyebrow, which I translated for Alex, "That was too foolish for a response."

The Lutheran establishment is just like the Republican Party establishment that is earning so much media attention. The Republican leaders are completely opposed to their own members and glad to surrender to the Left Wing, aka the Democrats, because they belong to the same philosophy.

Church politics seem to anticipate secular politics. The Bill Clinton kill the messenger approach was used in Columbus, by WELS, for a Clinton wannabee, before anyone knew who Clinton was.

I have tracked WELS and Missouri looking down their noses at ELCA ever since the birth of ELCA in 1987. At the same time, the public record shows they have been working with ELCA, claw-in-claw, the entire time.

The Synodical Conference love for UOJ and the felony cover-up is well established. The leaders are counting on everyone to forget the details of each crime. Too bad I have gathered them together in two different posts. I am sure they are scratching the surface.

The Stormtrooper Limited will take clergy
where they want to go, fast, but they fail
to realize it is the Road to Perdition.

I get frequent communications about the alcoholism of WELS clergy and the nastiness of the leaders. This trickles down to the loyal members, who have learned to scowl at or ignore anyone who has left the WELS prison.

WELS and Missouri could not possibly be wrong, and the Little Sect is better than both - by far, though their last theologians died or left long ago. 

For many reasons, their evangelism efforts flounder:

  1. They have no concept of grace through the Means of Grace alone.
  2. They reject the efficacy of the Word alone.
  3. They teach a cowardly Universalism that dares not speak its name.
  4. Their imaginary Universal absolution gives them an excuse to be complete Antinomians, lawless and yet still legalistic in enforcing their sectarian codes.
  5. Their putrid behavior drives people away and crushes the weak in faith, so their congregations are closing faster than Chipotle outlets.
  6. They have no Gospel at the leadership level, so they struggle toward Romanism or Fullerism, both failing the sects except for creating new Enthusiasts for other sects.

If people took a closer look at their infallible leaders - rare indeed - they would be appalled:

  • SP Harrison is buddies with Paul McCain, a notorious false teacher, bad editor, and famous plagiarist, nastier than a junkyard dog, almost as bad as Jim and Paul Tiefel combined.
  • Circuit Pastor John Moldstad...face it, the ELS is only a circuit. At least I didn't call him Pope John the Malefactor...knows nothing about Lutheran doctrine and is completely subordinate to WELS.
  • SP Mark Schroeder and his PR guy Joel Hochmuth denounced ELCA in 2009 for their open advocacy of gay ordination and marriage, but WELS runs the gayest college in Lutherdom. So who appointed fire salesman Scott Barefoot to carry out his own gay ministry scheme all over WELS? Schroeder must approve, since he and Voss posed with Barefoot.
  • Schroeder intervened for the Booze Brothers in Appleton, but did nothing to stop Jon Buchholz--The Second Tetzel--from ejecting Pastor Rydecki and his congregation from WELS.

The three-synod confab at Emmaus, 2015 -
really packed them in to hear everyone
is already forgiven and saved before birth.