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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Latest Christian News Issue. 3/21/16 - Nostalgia.
Forgotten - Hundreds of Free Articles from GLJ.
St. Patrick's Day Response

"Cheer, cheer for old Notre Dame,
Wake up the echoes cheering her name,
Send a volley cheer on high,
Shake down the thunder from the sky."
I had the unusual feeling of reading the stories before, several times before. This is the 2,500th issue of Christian News, formerly Lutheran News, formerly (in a sense) Orthodox Lutheran News.

The heirs of Stephan-Walther's UOJ all seem to hate or avoid each other. As I wrote before, courting Herman Otten is the first step in running for the LCMS Synod Presidency. It is also the first step in excommunicating Herman Otten. Formerly, the liberal leaders did that by removing the parish from the roster, three times.

Lately, excommunication is from the conservative leaders Otten supported and promoted - shunning, rejecting, repudiating, and now banning and excommunicating him. I get the impression that the pastor selected to replace Otten is joining the fun - against him.

Priority mail is much faster than regular mail
in Arkansas.

Thanks to my online subscription, I was able to scan the issue the moment it went live on the Net. The rest of you will have to wait several weeks for your copy to arrive. This is our Priority Mail delivery service, above, so I rely on the Net instead.

I did a Control-F on the PDF and see if the editor mentioned my name, in his complaining about being shunned and silenced. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. One would never know that Christian News published about 300 articles by me, no charge, no fee, plus Out of the Depths of ELCA, not to mention:

  1. Promoting my Liberalism: Its Cause and Cure.
  2. Getting Catholic, Lutheran, Protestant printed.
  3. Helping (via Timothy Otten) with the printing of The Wormhaven Gardening Book.
  4. Getting Angel Joy printed, again with Tim's help. I paid for printing 2-4. NPH published Liberalism and dropped it, giving me permission to print it.
I actually wrote Liberalism for Christian News, but Otten suggested it for Northwestern Publishing House, where it became an instant hot seller. Ironically, Otten says Christian News is against denominational liberalism but never mentioned the book in this issue. He is against ELCA, but did not mention the entire ELCA CN issue that I wrote (and NPH refused to touch). 

Otten and McCain worked together, adore UOJ,
and share close ties to Roman Catholics,
but they publicly loathe another.
Why not try the Gospel before y'all die?
George the Lite is big on UOJ.
He should sell Christian News at the
Higher Things franchise meetings.
He is slow to block and shun, but block and shun he must if
justification by faith is mentioned.
Father Hollywood Larry Beane made the big time
with a cover shot for the Gottesdienst franchise,
another pretentious journal title for people who do not know
and never read German.
Beane is sinuflecting to Rome, as anyone can see -
and he loves UOJ.

Harrison courted Otten with a trip to Christian News
and a banjo song devoted to Herman,
but that was 80 pounds ago.
He loves, loves, loves UOJ too.
But the door is slammed shut to the
born-forgiven Otten.

Don't cover up sex abuse, Harrison.
That's Otten's job.
He will spike or page 17 a scandal.
Ask WELS - they depend on his service.

Steadfast Tim Rossow abhors and bans justification by faith
from the tedious blabber of their group blog.
He and Otten should mutually support their UOJ claims,
linked as they are by crypto-Universalism from
Stephan and Walther.

Weedon, court chaplain, Purple Palace;
Wilken, radio franchise manager;
and McCain, Romanist plagiarist,
share a deep and abiding love for UOJ.
They should un-ban and re-communicate Otten.
Hiding from the truth and enforcing
the Missouri Synod myth and worship of Walther.