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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Very Rough Outline of Creation Gardening: Trusting God for Toxin-Free Roses, Flowers, and Food. A Theology Book about Gardening.
The Doctrine of the Word Informs the Entire Bible

Creation Gardening: Trusting God for Toxin-Free Roses, Flowers, and Food


Introduction – not a choice between science and faith.
1.    Science deals with observation, not purpose.
2.    Reality is the net that holds the data.
Books – Rehwinkel, Darwin on Earthworms, Darwin’s Black Box, Evolution Is Not Science. Ben Stein’s movie.
A.    This is a theology book about gardening and Creation.
B.    Creation by the Word of God
C.   Genesis 1
D.   John 1
E.    Other passages, Isaiah 40, new creations in Paul,

Manufacturing Difficulties Increases Work with Man-Made Solutions
1.       Chemical fertilizers kill soil microbes.
2.       Toxins kill all life for a period of time, thwarting beneficials without stopping the pests.
3.       The soil needs an abundance of life to be fertile, soft, alive.
4.       Rototilling, fertilizing, and spraying are the worst approaches

Foundational works for the gardener.
I.        Teaming with Microbes.
J.        Attracting Beneficial Bugs
K.       Sharon Lovejoy books – overall view, observation, art
L.       Norma Boeckler – artist, gardener, faithful Lutheran

Teaming with Microbes – essential for all plants
A.    Fungus.
B.    Bacterial
C.   Protozoa
D.   Other microbes
E.    The importance of trapping the nutrients in the soil root zone.

The Earthworm as God’s Tireless Gardener
F.    Virtues of the red wiggler
G.   A cow that feasts on bacteria
H.   Also a bus that moves bacteria

Pests Are Food for Beneficial Creatures – Do Not Starve the Beneficials
A.    Tale of the destroyed white roses.
B.    Ichneumons and Flower flies
C.   Rove beetles and cursorial spiders, plus spider webs
D.   A blessing of toads

Birds Serve as the Air Wing of Gardening
E.    Most loathed birds are very useful – starlings, grackles
F.    Mixed diets – seed and bugs, for most birds.
G.   Grackle diapers
H.   Bird paradise
I.      Jackson EZ Bird Swing
J.     Natural food is the best – a reason to eliminate toxins
K.    Water is needed most of all
L.    Mulch as bird feeders and spider homes

Roses Are Easy To Grow – Thorn Bushes with Beautiful Flowers
Starting from scratch – digging the hole in the lawn
The lawn as perfect compost
Pre-soaking the bare root roses – and all plants – in rain water
Newsprint or cardboard as the bottom layer of mulch
Shredded wood as the top layer
Earthworms as the sign and guarantee of fertile soil

Continuous Care of Roses Means Plenty of Cut Flowers for Everyone
John 15. A shared joy is a doubled joy – German saying

Plants for Food, Enjoyment, and Birds
Berry plants
Seed plants
So-called weeds
Sweet Corn – if the critters allow