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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Why Does Babtist Legalistic Pietism Appeal to WELS, LCMS, and the Mini-Sects?

People need to experience Babtist legalistic Pietism - and the shunning - to appreciate the same in WELS, Missouri, and the mini-sects (ELS, CLCs, etc, ad inf, ad nauseum).

One attraction for the SynCons is that Babtists actually have faith, so the Babtists are much warmer, friendlier, and Gospel-oriented. Starting with the worst - the CLC (sic) and WELS are perpetual thumb-in-the-eye Stooges, always proving something with their obnoxious putdowns and snide comments.

Of course, the Babtists have lost faith in the Word, too, so they are ramping up the gimmicks, as men must do when they think it is all up to them.

Even at their best--and I like Evangelicals a lot--Babtists live with a paradox. Although they teach justification by faith in their own way, using with making a decision, they emphasize obey to be blessed. That is certainly a core dogma of the Duggar cult, and they did not invent it. If they obey God (no birth control), then they will be blessed over and over.

In my graduate classes I see that theme emphasized too, especially since many of the classes are Old Testament surveys. Nothing brings out the Moses in people more than Old Testament studies. Therefore, if Moses is the Savor, then Jesus is the punishing law-giver.

When I teach, I often hear this phrase, "We have to be obedient or God will not bless us." Babtists turn Gospel admonitions into legalistic commands. Luther observed about Paul - he persuades with the Gospel. New Testament admonitions to pray are accompanied with Gospel Promises (see John 15:1ff), not pray or you will be punished.

Likewise, this legalistic approach bears fruit in "You have to witness or God will not let you grow in your faith."

And - "Disciples are soul-winners, so we have to make disciples, as Jesus commanded, or we will not grow as a congregation."

WELS and Missouri can really hum along with that tune, because they have been issuing orders and bashing people for 150+ years. Kicking a pastor out because he prefers the KJV or dislikes Thrivent/AAL/LB funding is normal for WELS. One is kicked out for teaching justification by faith; another is barely given a pat on the wrist.

Don't you know I'm still standing better than I ever did
Looking like a true survivor, feeling like a little kid.
Telling Missouri, WELS, and the mini-sects to give up on Church Growth is like explaining to Babtists why drinking liquor is allowed in the Bible.

Lutherdom responds to CG criticism with:

  • You are lazy.
  • You are narrow-minded.
  • You are a legalist (Valleskey).
  • You are going to destroy our synod.

Jim Buske posed with Andy Stanley at the Drive Conference.
Bishop Katie reported 8 other WELSians attending the coven.

Thirty pounds ago, Ski posed with Stanley.

Buske, Rev James G         St Peter - Appleton WI               02/16/2015
         Associate Pastor

Ski's Journal Still Online: Drive ’08 - Pastor’s Conference - North Point

Drive ’08 - Pastor’s Conference - North Point

Pastor Ski - St. Marcus - Milwaukee
Pastor John Parlow - St. Mark - Depere
A Healthy Staff Culture
- Jeff Henderson
“Leaders don’t get people, they attract them”
- Andy Stanley


Whew!  Day 5, it has been a heck of a road trip.  Today was the last day.  As you can see it was jam packed.  Before I get into Day 5... Let me just say this, “We should have sat in traffic to go to the Brown Bridge Campus!”  Buske & I were bitter.  Remember that I had said John got frustrated sitting the parking lot for 30 minutes?  So we went to dinner & called it a night.  Well, on Day 5 they showed the video for what happened at Brown Bridge.  Sweet cookout, the food looked awesome, games and fellowship outside (without snow or cold, I might add) and then a surprise JEFF FOXWORTHY show.  Man, how are they gonna top that next year?

Anyway, Day 5.  It is kind of crazy, just when you think it can’t get any better, it does.  Well, sort of.  In the morning they had Q & As for different groups.  I went to one that was about linking adults into small group studies.  It was well done, but for me it is difficult because everyone is looking for concrete answers on how to solve their own personal small group issues.  Many of the questions didn’t apply for us at St. Marcus.  However, the leaders were great and had a ton of info.
My final breakout session was entitled Parental Guidance Required.  The leader was Clay Scroggins.  He kind of looked like Steve James (he’s a St. Marcus member, Steve that is) but he talked with a Texas drawl.  He was high energy.  Based on his presentation and his passion for kids, I imagine that he rocked it out with kids.  The gist of his session was that what happens in the home has a greater influence on the spiritual life of children than what happens at church.  Based on that it becomes imperative that parents & the church partner.  Here are the steps that North Point uses:
  1. 1.Inform Parents - inform them about what is being taught to their children.
  2. 2.Partner With Parents - invite parents to be in an environment with their children.
  3. 3.Equip Parents - provide parents with the tools to assist in the spiritual development of their children.
Pretty good points and a really good session.  
After that session we broke for lunch.  John took off for the airport, so Buske and I were on our own.  That might sound a little scary, but it is true.
The final Main Session with Andy Stanley was just phenomenal.  We began with awesome worship. Today though, they began with a Christian rapper, Toby Mac.  Our school kids would have loved it.  I’m not sure that they would have believed that it was church though.
When Andy began his session.  He started by saying that he was not going to follow his notes in the Drive ’08 Journal Book.  Instead he was going to do something that he called, “Recent Random Thoughts On Church Leadership.”  He shared 5 points and 5 takeaways.  I think that he was at his absolute best this afternoon.  Here are the 5 point & takeaways:
  1. 1.To reach people no one else is reaching we must do things no one else is doing.
Takeaway - Become preoccupied with those you haven’t reached as opposed to those you keep.  This is easier said than done.
Wow, it seems so simple.  And yet so hard.
  1. 2.The next generation product almost never comes from the previous generation.
Takeaway - Be a student not a critic.
What more can be said?  How do we approach things?  When things are different & involve change are we scared?  Do we criticize or do we look to learn and implement?
  1. 3.What do I believe is impossible to do in my field?  But if it could be done it would fundamentally change my business.
Takeaway - Pay attention to the people who are breaking the rules.
Crazy sounding isn’t it?  We can fight technology and change, but in the end it will pass us and we will become archaic and irrelevant.  Not our Message, but the manner in which we present it.  Who would have ever thought texting would be as big as it is?  How about multi-site church?  Video church?  These are all things that have changed how we worship.
  1. 4.If we got kicked out & the board brought in a new CEO what would they do?  Why shouldn’t we walk out the door & then come back in & do it ourselves?
Takeaway - Acknowledge what is NOT working & own up to why you are unwilling to change it.
Some thoughts on this - rarely does the church (in general) get concerned about change until they run out of money.  What if we asked some questions before it was too late?
  1. a.What’s in decline?
  2. b.Where are we manufacturing energy? In other words pretending something is important.  An example would be if I continued to say that Bible Study was important, but never attended.  I’m blowing hot air, “manufacturing energy.”  I don’t believe that anyone wants to stand behind that or get involved in something like that.
  3. c.Finally, when are we going to unearth all underlying assumptions?  Sometimes, what we assume, is not the reality.  Are we willing to dig to find out the truth or are we happy with assuming? 
  4. 5.When your memories exceed your dreams the end is near.
Takeaway - Don’t let success or momentum overshadow your vision.  Keep the out front.
How quickly can we be satisfied?  How often do we look at things and say, “Well, it’s not great but it is better than such and such church.” Scary, but we sometimes fool ourselves into thinking like this.  Some questions to ponder:
  1. a.What the burden on your heart? (sic, yo)
  2. b.What breaks your heart?
That was it.  After that Andy just ended and prayed for all the people there & for there (sic) ministries.  As you can see from the pictures above, Buske & I got to get a picture with Andy, pretty cool.  He is way down to earth.  His wife Sandra was there also and she is just great.  We actually got to talk to her a little more than Andy.  You also notice John with the North Point member who played Bender in one of their sermon series called “Twisted”.  The series was all about how Satan twists God’s Word.  Finally, there is a photo of Buske & Todd Fields.  I’m a little bitter about that one, but you’ll need to ask me why.
Thanks to everyone who read this while I was gone.  Be looking for some cool stuff that we will be implementing at St. Marcus, especially in Sunday Night.  Thanks also for all the patience.  Writing this thing mostly between 1 AM & 2 AM means that there are probably a ton spelling and grammar mistakes.  I can’t wait to see you guys on Sunday.  Check out the Picture Page for some added photos from Drive ’08.
I’m out!

Want to be a leader in WELS?
Get trained by Babtists
and abuse women staffers,
then sue their husbands for being outraged.