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Monday, April 25, 2016

Faithless Jay Webber Would Have Prevented Kokomo, Maybe Even Pearl Harbor

Graduation ceremonies for ILT were held at a Steak N Shake.

David Jay Webber I would maintain that it was an improper dissecting of the doctrine that led to the controversy. If the whole doctrine had been kept together with balanced and careful explanations, and if there had never been any talk of God looking into hell and declaring that everyone there has the status of a saint, this controversy would likely never have started. And those who now deny the genuine doctrine of objective and subjective justification would likely not have been drawn toward that error.

GJ - As one pastor wrote me, "All the UOJ terminology and language comes after the Reformation, so why would I conclude that UOJ is faithful to Luther and the Book of Concord?"

OJ and SJ come from the Calvinist translator of the Halle Pietist's lectures.

Once again, the defense of UOJ is vague and accusatory, lacking in substance, easily punctured. Webber wants to reject - on his own - the very dogmas he embraces by being Buchie's counselor on Universal Absolution without Faith.