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Friday, April 15, 2016

Many "Conservative" Lutheran Leaders Could Not Get Hired.

Bishop Burnside, like the Episcopalian female bishop,
drove drunk, killed a fine person, and fled the scene.

One insurance agency had a simple rule. When someone wanted to work there and had a DUI, they said, "No thanks." The general agent received a big bonus from the company for hiring, but the general agent figured a DUI signaled a habitual, out of control drunk.

Blood and urine tests are common, even for hiring $9 an hour employees. They reveal whiskey enzymes in the liver (heavy drinking) and various illegal drugs. "Sorry, kid, we can't use you."

Many ecclesiastical pests would no longer be around if the SPs said, "We can't risk you running down some kid's mother or father and that story being in the news. Besides that, you have problems and need help."

Cook was installed as bishop three sheets to the wind - and with a DUI record.
She wiped out this family man, who was biking.
Two young people in my Sturgis congregation
were killed by drunk drivers, devastating their families.

I have worked with alcoholics - it a long, hard road to recovery. I do not think they are being manly men for using up the family income to pummel their livers and endanger lives. The financial and social cost for all that drinking is enormous.

Several readers have emailed to say that WELS is indeed a drunken culture with all the attributes.

  1. One is being super rigid and hyper about any criticism.
  2. Another is the low level of thinking and problem solving. One official was known for his drinking and inability to deal with any practical mission problem. He simply issued edicts.
  3. Finally, what looks like incompetence is really drinking on the job, inability to get work done, and confused thinking under the influence.
One reader said his or her school faculty was completely alcoholic, which led to repentance and leaving whiskey river behind. Ever wonder about all the child abuse stories in WELS, and most are suppressed? Alcoholism excuses or explains a lot.

Why is it suddenly so popular to have a "bar ministry" in WELS? What better way to indulge and cover it with noble words! At one gathering, a pathetic LCA drunk offered to buy everyone drinks if they would stay and drink with him. One old drunken pastor had a younger woman offer to drive him back to his hotel room. An LCA mission boss was so drunk on the phone, calling from headquarters, that he was completely incoherent. 

But drunks cover for drunks. Smash your car up a utility pole while drunk? "We have a foreign mission for you."

I drove around on small town looking for a notorious drunk, to take him to the VA Hospital for needed treatment. His family member was at the wheel. We got the alcoholic in the car and took him to the treatment center. He said, "I'm not a drunk. I'm just nervous."

Two bishops knew, but enabled the drunken bishop Cook,
who Consecrated Under the Influence.

Bishop Katie seems worried that Cook will fall over.