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Friday, April 15, 2016

UOJ and Antinomianism - From 2012

The Little Sect on the Prairie is too small for Stormtroopers,
so they have Dark Helmet as their mascot and protector.

bruce-church ( has left a new comment on your post "Brett Meyer Address the Synodical Conference Spin ...":

One can see that UOJ and SJ are just Calvinism sandwiched together with Lutheranism. The OJ is Calvinism and SJ is Lutheranism, except that Calvinism is its own system and is not compatible with the Biblical system of salvation, aka, Lutheranism. Sandwiched together, OJ and SJ amount to gross antinomianism. Calvin counter-balanced justification before faith with the idea of limited atonement and DP so that the antinomianism implicit in justification before faith would be balanced by idea that if you act like an unbeliever, maybe that's because you actually are one. UOJ-type Lutheranism has no such counter-balance to fend out antinomianism since Lutherans believe in unlimited atonement and deny that God reprobates anyone. Therefore, some over-assured Lutherans end up getting in trouble in various sins and with the law, but for most the theoretical antinomianism results in a largely unregenerate and life and many sins of omission (a non-dedicated, non-rigorously religious life) that the UOJer Lutheran doesn't feel any guilt over.


GJ - UOJ unifies the Synodical Conference (tm) and its scattered parts.We know Richard Jungkuntz was dedicated to UOJ because his essay is lovingly preserved in the Holy of Holies, the WELS Essay Files, even though they kicked him out of WELS. From there he did his liberal work in the LCMS, a real star of Seminex, as the chairman of the board of the first gay Lutheran seminary. Seminex was the official seminary of the Metropolitan Community Church.

Jungkuntz went on to serve as provost of an ALC college. He was written up favorably in the NY Times.

He argued for women's suffrage, conceding it was the same argumentation for women's ordination.

UOJ was the common thread in all his denominational affiliations. UOJ unites all the mainline Protestant denominations. Their motto is - "Everyone is forgiven and saved by the grace of God." Since they have given up the significance of creeds, hymns, sermons, and liturgy, they are vulnerable to every radical leftist fad.

For instance, the Episcopalians preserve the historic liturgy and creeds, and still hold solemn worship services, but they say, "We also have a contemporary service in our parish for the young people." (David Virtue, Virtue Online) Bad money drives out good, so that concession means the traditionalists will soon give way to the Fuller crowd, as all the rest have.

The Antinomian part is the most enjoyable. Anyone can do anything, as long as Holy Mother Church is not offended. If a man runs off with another woman, he will be restored as a pastor because "Who are you to judge?" That also goes well with communing a wealthy man  living openly with his mistress, which Dale Redlin of the CLC (sic) argued for at a pastors' meeting. The other pastors were appalled, but there were many other things they were happy to overlook.

UOJ has nothing to say about the complete erosion of the family, the treatment of children (from conception on), and the culture of hedonism.

"When the Son of Man returns, will He find faith?"

That question suggest that the End Times will be dominated by a complete lack of faith in the Savior. Not surprisingly, that is the siren song of UOJ - forgiveness without faith.
Richard Jungkuntz, UOJ advocate:
WELS, LCMS, Seminex, ALC:
Chairman of the Board, 
First Gay Lutheran Seminary in America.


Brett Meyer has left a new comment on your post "UOJ and Antinomianism":

The false gospel of Universal Objective Justification was leaned on heavily by departing (W)ELS president Karl R. Gurgel in 2007. The man who knows where the $8Million dollars of Synod money went but has never confessed.

"Then, as if out of nowhere, comes another truth that is not self-evident. A perfect life and an innocent death—not ours but the Savior’s—liberates us from our sentence of death and makes us eternally happy.

This truth can only be perceived and received by faith in God’s Son, our Savior, Jesus. This is the saving truth we’re privileged to proclaim: God’s pardon for sinners, the eternal peace of sins forgiven.

Notice the already existing forgiveness of sins by God to be perceived.

His statements can be read here:,0

A self evident truth is that in order for Synod Leadership - Synod President, the Council of Presidents, the District Presidents, the Circuit Pastors, the church Pastors, the church councils and elders all have continue to promote the false and utterly unsubstantiated, Anti-Scripture, Anti-Christ and Anti-Lutheran Confessions gospel of Universal Objective Justification or face the enormous mountain of shame and guilt that comes from the whole world realizing they've decieved their members concerning Scriptures Chief and Central doctrine - Justification by Faith alone.

For the sake of their own souls may God grant them Godly contrition and the Holy Spirit's faith to trust alone in Christ and to lead and direct Christ's Church to the one true Christian faith and away from the New Age Antichrist's religion of justification before God without faith in Christ which is essentially belief that they are their own god - creating their own way to righteousness and the forgiveness of sins.