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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Show Me the Money - On
Schwan Foundation, Concordia Publishing House, Christian News

The closer you look,
the worse they look. and some other sites publish how non-profit and foundation money is spent. From time to time I look for updates. At the moment, Concordia Publishing House is very lax or late, with figures from 2012 being the latest. The princely salaries of Paul McCain and his boss are listed for CPH, but 2012 is a bit dated, dontcha think?

Christian News is the most up-to-date, and it is also the funniest. At the end is a handwritten note about people coming in to see the figures, expecting them to be published, as they have been in the past. The figures are not shocking and good for 2014, which is commendable.

The Schwan Foundation is in-between with 2013 figures. Cprrection - not long ago that was true. Now they have their 2014 Form 990 posted.

  1. Search Schwan Foundation.
  2. Pick the Missouri location.
  3. Click on the title. Then click on the Form 990 link. That is the form filled out by non-profits for the IRS.  
  4. Thrivent has a pile of reports - all very shocking if time is taken to see where the money goes. There are various funds in various states for Thrivent. My favorite idiotic gift was $5,000 to the Minneapolis Orchestra. But if you are dumb enough to fund Thrivent, why not?
I was unable to pick up the URL in Chrome for this story, published last night, so I went to another browser to get it listed. Apparently Schwan money pays Google to block searches on their name. 

The problem is that the foundation has lost almost a half-billion dollars, $250 million in one year alone. I am no financial expert, but I doubt whether I could lose that much money, even if I did my utmost.

Let us look at who is running the store at the Schwan Foundation. 

The principal officer listed is Rev. Keith Boheim.

Folks, do not make a clergy-person the head of a foundation. The Walther sects have a bad reputation for coveting money and running off with it. Then they lie about it.

This peacock (on the left) gets a salary and plush benefits
for teaching against Biblical, Lutheran doctrine.
I teach their dogmas for free - and then refute them - gladly.

Wowser Salaries
Rev Keith Boheim is listed as executive director with $286,000+ for salary plus almost $47,000 besides. I hasten to add that the extra money, probably for benefits, is more than the salaries of most ELS/WELS pastors.

Rev. Lawrence Burgdorf is listed for a $1,000. He used to get around $400,000 a year - a figure which made Herman Otten go through the roof. 

Keith Raabe gets $1,000

Erik Burgdorf gets $171,000 plus another $35,000.

Consultants Earn Their Dough
Capital Partners gets $1.3 million for advice on how to lose hundreds of millions. I would do that for, say, only $100,000 a year. There are other consultants, too.

Follow the Money, More or Less
  1. $2,560,000 - Bethany Lutheran College
  2. $500,000 - Little Sect on the Prairie
  3. $150,000 - Lutheran Laymen's League (I thought they died.)
  4. $2,100,000 - LCMS.
  5. $0,815,000 - WELS
  6. $2,110,000 - WELS again.
  7. $3,800,000 - Wisconsin Lutheran College - they did name a library after St. Marvin.
  8. $0,460,000 - Missions Advance
The Walther precedent.
Let's not forget the jeweled chalice they stole from Stephan
and used for Holy Communion.
Cops call things like that "trophies" the robbers love to look at.

The Big Bump in the Road
When St. Marvin died prematurely and met his maker, he doubtless had a bundle of indulgences in his hands, certified by indulgence salesmen from WELS, the Little Sect, and the LCMS. I remember Wayne Laitenen preaching St. Marvin into heaven while the man was still alive. 

Little did they care about what a cad Marvin was. So the money has bruised and broken every one it has touched. WELS and Missouri spent money like Congressmen, because it was not theirs to begin with. The final result was a sudden decrease in Schwan gifts from $50 million plus to only $12 million now. 

Unspoken - how much money is spent paying off lawsuits before they reach the court. One lawsuit alone, against Fred Adrian (WELS), his congregation, and WELS got a judgment of $400,000. Naturally, greedy WELS appealed that. The Milcraft lawsuit netted the cheated widow $1,000,000 - not including the legal fees involved.

Rev. Paul McCain, the pastor without a pulpit, said to me, "Missouri had to check up on ministers more carefully because the lawsuits were costing so much money." Note the lack of interest in the victims, only in the monetary cost to Holy Mother Synod. One lawsuit threat was quenched when a Missouri official said, "If this goes to court, it will cost us $10 million, and there goes the Siberian mission." Pastor Otten sent me the papers on that disgusting case.

Biggest Gift - Biggest Woes
When Marvin Schwan reached the temperature of his frozen foods, he left the LCMS-WELS-ELS the large charitable gift ever.

That gusher gave immunity to a large group of parasitic synodical creatures, those who wear their gold crucifix chains over their black clergy vests and pretend to be pastors. Like typical trust fund kids, they have proven to be lazy, shiftless, dishonest, addicted to various substances, and spendthrifts. Their glory days are over. Judgement Day has met many of them already.

When Schwan dive happened, I predicted it would break the back of the three synods by making them even more irresponsible. I was right.