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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Baraboo WELS Boo-Boo: Lie Down with the Government -
Take Their Money - Obey Their Rules

Time of Grace ad on the LCMS website - WELS used to sell his trinkets on theirs.
Jeske's school business is heavily government-funded.
The Golden Rule: Whoever has the gold makes he rules.
WELS promotes its diaper changing academies so the government
pays ultimately for more MLC graduates to find jobs.
Don't be shocked - Jack Cascione used government cash
to fund his venture in St. Claire Shores - and built himself a  building with it.
WELS will kick you out of parochial school for doing this,
but they encourage it at Michigan Lutheran Seminary,
Martin Luther College, Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary,
and the pastorate.

The issue - the WELS school in Baraboo is under investigation, thanks to the Freedom From Religion Foundation. FFRF thinks a school should not receive government funds and then go against government regulations.

That concept - the Government's Golden Rule - is why Synod President John Brenner would not take a dime to support his inner city parochial school, not even for the milk program. My mother, always a public school teacher, opposed consolidation of rural schools because it meant control from above.

WELS once taught against accepting government funding, but when they turned against this wise approach, some families objected and found themselves excommunicated. See the post immediately below.

From a former WELS member, who knows about this stuff:

The voucher issue has been lurking around for decades. Vouchers are designed to entice what is left of private and Christian schools into the net of government education agenda, for what government funds it also regulates and rightly so, even though channeled through parents. After all, shouldn't there be accountability from government re: money spent? Eventually vouchers become addictive for the private school accepting them, for it is very easy to become accustomed to the revenue stream provided by them.

WELS has always lusted after the almighty government education dollar. Does anyone remember the controversy in the mid 1970's when several families were excommunicated from WELS congregation in suburban Milwaukee, for publicly protesting government grants to Milwaukee Lutheran High School and the media headlines it generated? The doctrinal statement in effect then said WELS does not seek government funding for her schools. OOOPS! The defense was that they didn't "seek" the grants, they were "offered" to them! There was a civil lawsuit eventually filed in Wisconsin by one of the excommunicated families re: church/ state issue.
The lay members did so on the basis of WELS Statement of Belief published in 1967 which said, "We reject any attempt on the part of the Church to seek the financial assistance of the State in carrying out its saving purpose." The response by some synod leaders in defending the use of government grants was: We didn't seek the grants, they were offered to us. The more things change the more they remain the same.


SP Schroeder has stolen the favorite Roman Catholic cheer:
Anathema Sit!
Anathema Sit!
Anathema Sit!

WELS inglorious past:

WELS has a pathetic history of excommunicating people for the wrong reason while protecting abusive drunks and sex offenders, not to mention murderers.

Thrivent's Golden Rule works just as well in subordinating the Scriptures to their agenda. Questioning that insurance money is also good for excommunication in WELS. (I know a pastor excommunicated for writing a paper about this!)

Questioning the NIV will get pastors excommunicated in WELS.

WELS kicked out Pastor Howard Festerling for teaching the efficacy of the Word. For a period of time he was not even allowed to take communion. I asked Il Duce Mark Schroeder about this in particular, and he supported the defenestration of Festerling.

Identifying plagiarism and the pastor (Tim Glende) lying about it will get a church member excommunicated in WELS.

Teaching Justification by Faith is cause for excommunication in WELS.

SP Mark Schroeder has rewarded and promoted Church and Changers, ignoring their crimes and misdemeanors, but smiled warmly as the Intrepid Lutherans were silenced and kicked out of WELS.

Doug Lindee was excommunicated thus for questioning WELS doctrine and practice.

Joe Krohn was kicked out of Patterson's congregation, silenced, and not allowed to speak at a congregational meeting.

WELS cannot do enough to support the Booze Brothers,
which should tell the rest of the sect where it is going, fast.