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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Countdown for Luther Days (Non-Profit sic) Porn and Open Sex Meltdown.
Who Is Holding the Money?
Distinctly Church and Change:
Managed by a porn addict - see the Luther Days Twitter lists -
following porn and being followed by porn,
not to mention wife-swapping and "friend for a day" dating.

Why does every WELS meeting, conference, college day turn into a Church and Change extravaganza?

I am looking into relationships in God's Creation and the concept of irreducible complexity. When complex relationships and interactions take place, that must be from design, as the author argues in Darwin's Black Box. The more we know, the more Creation shows God's hand in everything.

Likewise, when people keep doing the same foolish things, there must be a plan, because no one could have such a collection of stupidity, fraud, false doctrine, and peculation without a blueprint, a design, a control freak behind it.

Watch people bail from this conference faster than fleas leaving a newly treated cat. People like Jay Webber will say, "I was never contacted. I don't know why my name is on the list." Some may be telling the truth. That happens randomly in WELS-ELS, but never on purpose.

Remove the Private (sic) Material!
A WELS pastor emailed me last night to say I should take down private material, about Luther Days, from this blog. I thought for a second and wondered about such claims. When the State of Wisconsin publishes a report on the Internet, that matter is not private but public, to protect potential victims of fraud.

I noted the fake non-profit LLC status of this fiasco called Luther Days, because the non-profit claim is a false assertion. There is no such thing listed in the Wisconsin records.

Twitter Is Not Private but Public - Especially When the Link Is Posted on Facebook

1,093 people like this

David Peters

The Twitter account for Luther Days is riddled with porn sites and also (ironically) sites about fighting porn addiction. I tweet my blog posts and FB posts automatically, but otherwise I have no interest in Twitter. When Ski, Glende, and Bishop Katie were tweeting away in Appletown, I found it useful to quote them, because their tweets were public and gave away their nefarious schemes. Suddenly Ski and Glende's accounts went silent while Katie chirped away. Soon she was gone - no problems, no problems. When Ski harassed his next staffer, she was told to resign and say, "No problems. No problems." She said there were problems, and Ski-Glende sued her husband in court.

The WELS teachers admired Ski-Glende's leadership so much that they invited Glende to keynote about spiritual matters.

But I digress. Two Twitter lists for Luther Days are significant.

One is the list of accounts being followed.  Luther Days' Twitter account, listed on their promotional material, is following 2,921 Twitter accounts.  One can tell from the descriptions on the accounts being followed that many are pornography sites and find-a-sex partner sites.

TwoLuther Days also has 572 followers. If people tweet back and forth, they often follow those who are following them.

The Appleton clowns showed that they were in constant contact with the gurus of Church Growth/Emergent Church Enthusiasm. The conferences they attended were exclusively at those interlocking businesses, the Mammon of conference hosting and collecting money for the events.

So with Luther Days, there are porn sites followed and also following Luther Days, a close relationship indeed. My computer does not handle a list of 2,921 accounts with ease, all with photos, but I could scroll the list of 572 followers with no problem. Odd that porn and sleep-with-anyone sites would want to follow Luther Days, eh?

My undergraduate students used Twitter all day to chat with all their friends, even during class and while walking to class. I banned all digital devices and confiscated them with glee. Those who get into tweeting have readers so they can tweet a bunch of friends at once and chat back and forth with those they follow and those who follow them. Twitter is powerful in its ability to send URLs (links to webpages) to a large group at once. In fact, a Twitter account could easily send an entire book to thousands of people simply by linking the PDF from DropBox.

So, as an underground (but public) communication device, Twitter is ideal for nefarious businesses. That is why WELS-ELS should be hitting the panic button in a few more minutes, as people wake up to their coffee and detonations.

Your grandchildren will help you understand if I have gone too fast.

How many "likes"? People can purchase "likes" for social media. That makes them seem very popular. Luther Days probably bought 1,000 likes because only David Peters shows up on the list. A number of Twitter accounts being followed by Luther Days are concerned with selling "likes" to people who like to fool others.

These two jackasses would rather pose on Facebook
with porn singer Katy Perry than with their own wives.
Anyone see a problem with this?