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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Luther Days Follows These Twits on Twitter

"We are the leader in Couples Only, Couples Cruises. If you like to cruise and want to cruise with other open minded couples, then our cruises are for you."

The above is a description of a Twitter service followed by Luther Days. An expert told me there was so much more, worse than Game of Thrones. Plus every Church and Changer in WELS, every apostate denomination. ELCA, ELCA, and more ELCA.

Southern Baptist Church in Central Wisconsin
Serving the Foursquare Churches of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana & Michigan
A book to really help you get answers to prayers - 'THE CURIOUS CASE OF THE CONSTIPATED CAT and Other True Stories of Answered Prayer'.

Lutheran Bishop from NYMetro, Prays in Public, Loves the City. We're on Facebook: 
Joel Osteen Radio -  Ch 128.
Child of God, Follower of Christ, Lutheran Pastor, Benedictine Oblate, Friend of many, Auntie Mame to my nieces and nephews!

Northwest Washington Synod of the ELCA
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