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Friday, May 27, 2016

Moving the Butterfly Bush, Harvesting Asparagus from a Friend

Our Butterfly Bush - White Profusion if you forgot - has done so well near the bird feeders that I decided to move a tiny, struggling Butterfly Bush. It will help form a bird-perch, butterfly host, and natural screen around the windows.

Sassy wanted to go out with me until she detected a mist falling. She noped that and asked to go back in. So I pulled my hat down against the Sou-wester blowing in and fetched the distant Butterfly Bush. Last year, I hastily planted the bush on higher ground. The little bush probably had too little moisture. And the slugs ravaged the bush for a long time, giving me a chance to try out useless slug repellents and cures.
White Profusion Butterfly Bush.
A diversity of planting throughout the garden will
support the larvae of various butterflies.

White Profusion Butterfly Bush

I pruned another Butterfly Bush into extinction, so I decided to water the little tyke more, which began to grow a bit this year. The transfer was easy. The clay was soft but not waterlogged. Afterwards, I made a toad-friendly log fence around the new bush and watered it generously with rain-barrel water.

I also dumped a rain-barrel on the large White Profusion, which is now about 8 feet tall and not ready to start blooming. The little one, Bonnie, may get quite large in time.

Buddleia davidii 
'Bonnie' (Bonnie Butterfly Bush) This Mike Dirr selection was named after his wife, Bonnie, and if you know Mike, you know that it must be one fine Buddleia! This giant deer resistant butterfly bush reaches 10' tall and is covered in large grey-green leaves, then topped from June until frost with large 10" panicles (flowers)  of very fragrant, light blue-violet (RHS 94D) flowers. (Hardiness Zone 5-10) -
See more at:
Rain was expected a 4 PM but should arrive later with some force.

The birds were anxious to feed, so I re-supplied them with sunflower seeds today and watched the lively feeding frenzy. When Junior Squirrel showed up again to keep the birds away, I opened and shut the window to watch his standing broad jump away. Very pleasing.

The male cardinal is feeding from the platform or the ground several times a day. I imagine the female is sitting on the eggs in the Crepe Myrtle bush.

Once the birds were feeding on the hanging feeder when the squirrels reach made it spin around. He took a swipe at them to shoo them away. They went to the platform and the Jackson EZ Bird Swing.
The creatures are fun to watch, constantly entertaining.

Lantana are grown to excess in Phoenix, because they are drought tolerant,
but they also bloom well and attract butterflies here.