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Friday, May 27, 2016

Update from 2011 Story on Mason Beecroft -
Who Poped and Became a Brewmaster.
More Than Most Want To Know, But Someone Was Looking Up the Link

 Dead Armadillo Brewery
LinkedIn Profile for Mason Beecroft

Our brewmaster, Mason Beecroft, was a Lutheran pastor for eleven years (really, we’re not kidding). He learned how to brew beer while studying Historical Theology at Dallas Theological Seminary, which had a student conduct policy that did not allow drinking. To ensure he was not thrown out of the Seminary, he claimed he never imbibed his own creations (wink, wink) in obedience to the law and thus demonstrated his high moral character (yeah, right). And, incredulously, they bought his story. While a pastor in Houston and Tulsa, Mason spread the good news of brewing to hundreds of parishioners and friends, baptizing them in the malty goodness of real beer (hallelujah, pass the growler). During Vacation Bible School, he graciously offered sessions for the adults on the “Christian Art of Brewing Beer” and shared his own beer in a selfless act of charity. He will be considered for sainthood upon his death.

His full beard

The Loss of Rev. Mason Beecroft

I’m saddened by the departure of Mason Beecroft from the LCMS roster of the ordained, as reported by The Lutheran Witness in its September issue.

I was privileged to meet him at the Model Theological Conference on Worship in January 2010. His presentation there, essentially saying that the key to revitalizing our synod was the restoration of the Mass, was excellent.

Rev. Beecroft had stepped down from his office at Grace Lutheran in Tulsa for health reasons. We prayed for his health, but now there are other concerns.

I’m told (and verified with a second source) that he has left for Roman Catholicism, and this disappoints me for several reasons. First, because all of the good things that he did will now simply be poo-pooed as “Romish.” Secondly, because he was a good scholar whose services will not be in the LCMS employ any more. Finally, because of where he’s going, how one can renounce justification by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone? The man-made law can only bring an appearance of comfort.

And he’s not, in Roman Catholicism, going to avoid theological liberals.

Please come home, Rev. Beecroft.


GJ - One Lutheran lady told me about the LCMS pastor who kept a rosary. Soon after he was a priest. Many Lutheran clergy are promiscuous in their use of these terms:
  • Mass
  • Father
  • Mary
  • Saints
  • The Holy Father, aka The Antichrist
Not every Lutheran minister who glories in those terms will join Rome or Constantinople. Some will walk the tightrope instead. But many will lead their flocks into deception.

Someone told me that Robert Preus wrote Justification and Rome to deter his own seminary from poping, but that obviously did not work.

I am happy to say to all those Lutheran clergy who have left for Rome or Constantinople - "Stay there. You probably never grasped Biblical doctrine in the first place."


 GJ - Someone told me that that a WELS pastor in Alaska went Russian Orthodox. Now that's cold.

PS - I forgot about this post, because I kelmed it from another blogger. I missed the part in the bio where Mason went from Dallas Seminary to becoming an LCMS pastor. The Missouri Synod is notoriously lax in doctrinal disciple. Like the WELS and ELS, the officially approved candidates know as little about Lutheran doctrine as their professors, District Presidents, and Synod Presidents.

If one is trained in Enthusiasm outside of Missouri, WELS, or the Little Sect on the Prairie, he is welcomed into Synodical Conference Enthusiasm and easily passes on through the Roman Catholic Enthusiasm.