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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Watch WELS and the ELS Blow Up Over Luther Days.
As Innocent as Serpents, As Clever as Doves

Breaking News - Aderman Is Back in His Parish and Doing a Ten-Article Series in Forward in Christ

Jim Aderman is another Church and Changer speaking
at Luther Days. 
If you kiss enough frogs, they sometimes kiss back.

"When was the last time you kissed a frog?...'Lifestyle Evangelism and Follow-up,' a Navigator video seminar for the church, makes a solid case for Christian frog kissing as a way of life."
James A. Aderman, The Evangelism Life Line (WELS), Summer, 1986 p. 2.

Guess who is speaking at Luther Days?

News flash 

Church Shrinker Jim Aderman, recently "retired" after shrinking Fairview in half, has just announced his "unretirement" (even though the DP had announced publicly before the whole district last month that Aderman had retired). He was able to bring in enough supporters for another congregational meeting which asked him to come back. After "much prayerful deliberation" on his "call" he immediately accepted. And immediately after that Fairvew shrunk by another half dozen or so families, with no doubt more to follow.

So if we thought we were done with Aderman, we were fooled. Not only that. I just opened the August issue of FIC to see that it features the first article of a ten-article series by Aderman on the Ten Commandments. And once again a major Shrinker gets major billing in the FIC.


Leadership (Past and Present)
Pastor, Trinity Lutheran, Englewood, FL
Member, Board for Parish Services, South Atlantic District
Director of Development, Wisconsin Lutheran College, Milwaukee
Chairman, WELS Lutherans for Life-metro-Milwaukee
Pastor, Siloah Lutheran Church, Milwaukee
Member and chairman, Board of Directors, Wisconsin Lutheran High School
Pastor, Fairview Lutheran Church, Milwaukee
Founding member and vice chairman, Board of Directors, Calvary Academy, Milwaukee
Coordinator, WELS Southeastern Wisconsin District, Adult Discipleship Commission
Member and vice chairman, Church and Change
Chairman, Urban Pastors' Conference, Milwaukee
Circuit Pastor, Barnabas Circuit, Milwaukee

Face the Facts, Northwestern Publishing House
Elijah, Northwestern Publishing House
Esther, Northwestern Publishing House
Editor, YouTHINK
Founding editor-in-chief, LivingBold (
Contributing editor, Forward in Christ magazine
Author for Partners magazine, WELS Leadership magazine, Forward in Christ magazine

Bachelor of Arts, Northwestern College
Master of Divinity, Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary
Master of Journalism, Marquette University
Certificate of Website Design, University of Wisconsin-School of Continuing Education
Master of Practical Theology, Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary (in progress)


GJ - Dost thou doubt FIC being the Xerox room for Church and Chicanery? I knew it when Latte LutheranChurch (Randy Hunter) was featured in a glowing article.

If I were getting a subscription to the magazine, group or single, I would mail every copy back, addressed to the Synod President, giving reasons why. Canceled subscriptions would be a good message too.

Readers have been paying money to support Chicanery leaders, and the publication gives credence to Chicanery views copied from Fuller, Willow Creek, Granger, Drive, Exponential, and that space cadet Leonard Sweet (Kelm's guy).


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Breaking News - Aderman Is Back in His Parish and ...":

Once again the pastor is not held accountable for his actions. I wonder what guilt trip was laid on the congregation to take back Jim Aderman as pastor. Almost certainly it was rationalized as a face saving measure for WELS while Fairview members needed to be humbled. The pastor must reign supreme even if useless and remiss in his duties.


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Do You Really Think Your Recycled Slime Is Dauntin...":

>>If anything good will come out of this though, perhaps now more and more people can see just how wretched and dangerous the Church & Changers are--stopping at nothing to destroy anyone who would dare oppose their demonic teachings.<<

Actually the C&Cers are control freaks who get off on subjugating others.


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Breaking News - Aderman Is Back in His Parish and ...":

Mark my words. Fairview will lose half of the remaining members due to taking Jim Aderman back as pastor.


DK, with fervor has left a new comment on your post "Breaking News - Aderman Is Back in His Parish and ...":

What, besides promoting Enthusiasm broadly as possible in the WELS, has Aderman done?, specific to Fairview?

Maybe I'm unaware of where to look, but after having searched Ichabod I was unable to find any information. (besides promoting Enthusiasm broadly as possible throught the WELS.)

Fairview has been a smoldering bed of Enthusiastic coals for 10 years at least. I went there in 1999, a period when I was being led down that path; Fairview was one of the 'hip' places.

So what has happened? Have the members at Fairview had an awakening of their consciences? Has someone been actively fighting Enthusiasm in Fairview? What Catalyst for the shift from pro-Aderman to anti-Aderman?

I for one would appreciate it if an anonymous poster (Fairview member?)would give Ichabodians the scoop.

I hope Pastor Jackson doesn't mind if I speak for all Ichabodians when I say that all conservative Lutherans here on Ichabod would like to extend warm and hearty encouragement to individuals who may be standing up to false teachers and errorists--take heart that though your plans may seem frustrated, God promises persecution to the faithful, and that through persecution you will be purified.

I encourage all Ichabodians to pray for those--at Fairview and many other places--who in spite of risk of being shunned, excommunicated, lynched, and otherwise defamed, continue to fight the good fight, bearing true witness to the truth, purity and Efficacy of the Holy Word of God.

God's Blessings!


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Breaking News - Aderman Is Back in His Parish and ...":

As a failed kamikaze pastor, Jim Aderman gets another chance to finish off Fairview. WELS leaders must feel like they are wonderfully forgiving.