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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

"What a Hoot!" - As the Latin Professor Would Say.
Jar Jar Webber on the Ministry, Endorsed by Jon-Boy Buchholz

Jar Jar Webber has won the Most Annoying MDiv Award,
because the STM from an online ELCA seminary does not count.
Buchholz endorsed the booklet.

Publisher: Phoenix, Arizona : Klotsche-Little Publishing2015.

A better title for his self-publishing effort would be Little-Faith.

Jay Webber and Jon Buchholz have no grasp of justification, so it is appropriate for them to join claws and produce something as pretentious as this. But let's quote Rolf Preus on the subject, from that barrel of laughs Skunk Patch called LutherQuest (sic).

Rolf Preus:

Pastor Rolf David Preus (Rolf)
Senior Member
Username: Rolf

Post Number: 8878
Registered: 5-2001
Posted on Thursday, May 05, 2016 - 10:05 am:   Edit Post Delete Post Print Post

Why wouldn't you consider it to be a good thing that those WELSians in the ELS allowed themselves to be instructed, and elevated in their theology, by a better document?
Such arrogance! I remember talking to Schmeling about your offices within the office silliness during the ELS ministry debate and he opined that you wrote that sort of stuff to get the Missourians to accept the WELS position. He was right. But you still don't know it. That's sad! The ELS document is pure WELS. But you pretend that somehow Kurt Marquart had an influence on it because you were successful in tacking onto it some terminology that Marquart had used.

After the leadership of the ELS suggested in 2005 that those in the synod who were "teachable" wouldn't be disciplined if they didn't immediately accept the newly adopted document, a number of us guys bought T shirts with "The Unteachables" on the front. I can't remember whose idea it was, but I thought it was a clever idea at the time.

In retrospect, Jay, it is you who is unteachable on this subject. Everyone but you knows that in 2005 the ELS bought the WELS position and made it her own. You can pretend that the ELS has "instructed" the WELS and "elevated" the WELS position, but nobody in the WELS cares about what the ELS document says as long as it stays in conformity with the official WELS doctrine which, by virtue of the WELS/ELS fellowship, is normative for the ELS.

I have a theory about this. It really has nothing to do with theology and everything to do with culture. The WELS is about as Midwestern as you'll find, while you're from out east. So you like pretty stuff whereas they eat cannibal sandwiches. They'll tolerate you because they know that when you strip away the high church silliness, the intellectual posing, and other features of east coast American Lutheranism, WELS is WELS no matter what clothes it's wearing. So you serve a useful purpose as an advocate of the W/ELS doctrine among folks who like pretenses to catholicity. Not that the WELS guys give a rip about that sort of thing, but they know that others do and you just might con a stray and uninformed Missourian now and then.

Your position and the position of Thomas Nass are identical. The only difference is that he is much more straightforward in how he presents it. And Jay, the notion that you can instruct and elevate him is really too much!
Pastor Rolf David Preus

GJ -

We can follow the hoofprints of Jar Jar Webber and Jon-Boy Buchholz from now on, mostly out of curiosity.

Justification by faith is the Chief Article of Christianity and judges all other articles. Since Webber and Buchholz do not even make an effort to get the Master and Prince right, whatever oozes from their laptops is irrelevant - except to Rolf Preus, who is equally joked to them via UOJ.

Like I said before, all the UOJists loathe each other. The tree of unbelief cannot bear useful fruit, as Luther taught about Matthew 7:15ff.