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Friday, June 24, 2016

CLC (sic) Live Streaming - Like a Glimpse of the Boring Past.
So Much Hypocrisy in One Meeting,
Not One Word of Gospel

Bruce Naumann at Messian, Eau Claire -
WELS does not agree with what the CLC (sic) disagrees with,
or the sequence of events about the break in fellowship.
They are discussing where they are with re-uniting with WELS. Bruce Naumann and old Dan Fleischer (former sect president) are expressing irritation about exactly how documents have been worded and what has been said about the past.

However, Fleischer and Naumann do not admit how much their little sect has fallen for Church Growth under the guidance of Paul Tiefel, David Koenig, and other apostates.

According to Dan, WELS has issues with Church Growth, the lack of discipline about it, and Mequon's support of Church Growth (via Sausage Factory president Wendland).

Gutsche also served a WELS congregation.
Is the CLC (sic) in fellowship with ELCiC and ELCA?
Why does Gutsche go to their German conference?
Or he did until he became famous on this blog.

Fleischer never minded CG coming from Paul Tiefel and best buddy Dave Koenig. Like the Church Growthers in WELS, LCMS, and the ELS, Koenig and Tiefel were free to do and teach whatever they wanted. (Note the episodes at the bottom of this post.)

Still, Dan wants to go back to the history and repeat that old history, in the same vein as Bruce Naumann.

Dan brought up when he was brought into the office at Northwestern College (RIP) in Watertown and read the riot act, "up and down" as he said. So Dan added, "It is personal." And it sounds personal, angry, and un-forgetting, which is funny with both sects adoring Universal Objective Justification.

Michael Eichstadt is the CLC president now. He seems to be more in favor of being chums with the Little Sect on the Prairie and WELS.

Paul D. Nolting is talking about "persistent errorists," a favorite term for others in Lutherdom. Nolting's father constantly fought for God commanding us to love ourselves (Schuller's self-esteem movement).

They are going over the history, again and again.

Bivens went to Fuller Seminary too.

Funny Story - Koenig and Valleskey
Whenever I said something or published a story, Koenig and Tiefel would fly into a rage, real drama queens worried about the reputation of WELS, crying "Eighth Commandment!"

When I said Valleskey went to Fuller Seminary, Koenig took it upon himself to write to Valleskey to prove me wrong. Valleskey told Koenig he did go to Fuller, and Koenig repeated that to me in one of his long, angry, omni-directional, hand-written notes.

I published that confession, in Christian News, as I recall. Valleskey was furious with Koenig and Koenig wrote me another note, blaming me for making his CG buddy angry with him.

The problem was - Valleskey often denied that he went to Fuller, just as his CG buddy Bivens did. Bivens' difficulty  - he told me about Fuller in front of the Midland Circuit pastors. Koenig was also in contact with Larry Olson, DMin (Fuller), another WELS CG buddy.

"It's not the crime - it's the cover-up."

The Chief Article of WELS is Church Growth fueled by UOJ.
The CLC (sic) proves that they are Pietists, holier than the rest,
because their Chief Article is Shunning.