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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Luther Days Natalie Pratt - How To Run a Conference Scam as a Promoter

A previous scam event?

I have been in contact with Natalie Pratt aka Lilly aka whatever - for a long time.

I know some WELS laity were planning a conference. She failed to take it over, so she started her own - fake non-profit, fake LLC: Luther Days. WELS promoted Luther Days with a direct link from the site.

Readers will find the same fingerprints on all of her expos.

Her LinkedIn page referred to promoting conferences and linked the prepper expo, see below.

Feb 4th

I have a large event coming up next weekend (13 &14th), and I'm coming up short because of being laid up when I was sick. I have to get all the final payments in by tomorrow or I lose the venue. I charge $7.00 admission fee at the door and easily get 1000 attendees so that's $7,000 right there by the weekend of the 13th & 14th. If I don't pay them tomorrow. I lose the venue and I have too much invested in this. The Wall Street Journal from New York even called me today and said that they were flying in to attend so I can't cancel. [GJ - Sure.]  I'm set up to accept credit cards, so I could charge a card and then pay them back from my profits next weekend, with interest, before their bill is even due. I'm desperate and not sure what else to do. The medical bills make it impossible for me to get a conventional loan [GJ - court cases, judgments from other fly-by-night scams?], and I need a fast turn around. ANY thoughts on how I can do this??? I've been consumed with this for days now. Thanks! You always seem to have the answers to everything.


This expo is very much like Luther Days - just as fake. If you look around at the tabs, as I always do, you will see a whole series of prepper expos with the same contact address. The contact address is Oshkosh, and Natalie P. on LinkedIn had the prepper URL listed above on her LI page.

How do I know this is the right Natalie Pratt? Joel Gaertner - WELS Pastor is a 1st level contact. And he is a speaker at Luther Days - or so he thinks.

Joel GaertnerJoel Gaertner
Vice President of Ministry at The Luthe

If you want to do detective work on the Net, join LinkedIn. People tell others what they want and hide the rest - when they have a lot to hide.

Remember the CLC (sic)-ELCA-WELS-ELCiC pastor caught with boys and convicted? Horst Gutsche. He did the same thing as Natalie on LinkedIn and Facebook, but he also left a few cookie crumbs that gave away the whole deal. He was not thrilled that I had the court documents, and the CLC (sic) was not happy that CLC (sic) Pastor David Koenig was hanging out with Horst G.

Show Me the Expo Money!
The young and innocent Lutherans wonder how Natalie could make money with Luther Days, since admission is free ahead of time and only $5 at the door.

She has learned from Jedi Master Mark Jeske and others that the money comes from sponsors who want to rent space there. Jeske is always running an expo about himself, giving the same old tired "We ran out of Germans" lecture, showing an Ed Stetzer-like contempt for other ministers. It is dumb and worn out, but it makes a ton of money for him from the same old baloney. (Let me know if he ever mentions the Means of Grace.)

$1,000 Diamond Package

• Presentation Time on Stage
• Logo on all printed/online advertising
• Press Releases Recognition
• 6 Company vinyl banners
• 10 x10 space, 8 foot table, 2 chairs
• Corner Booth.

Doth Luther Days List Sponsors Doling Out the Loot?

"Make sure to check out Thai Village, Inc. and their wonderful selection of products at Luther Days."

And many more synodical suckers, who will send their money to Natalie's fake LLC, fake non-profit and see everything evaporate faster than a Mark Schroeder smile when he reads Luther.