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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

ELDONUT Eric Stefanski Unfriends the Entire LCMS Ministerium,
Quotes Hard Rock Group Lyrics.
Leaves a Foul Smell Behind

ELDONUT Pastor Eric Stefanski

The LCMS is worse than I am!
And why? Because they do not listen to the minister who
was promoting UOJ for years on his website.

The ELDONUTS have a strange obsession with rock music,
given their veneer of old-fshioned popery.

As the Spartans said to Philip of Macedonia, "IF."
I missed the fireworks too, Richard, but heard the whining.
Your review of Thy Strong Word gained us a member, so thanks.

As I wrote before, Martin Luther described the factious Synodical Conference sects with great discernment here, in his Galatians Commentary.

I snipped the timeless tosh of Rev. Stefanski from his Facebook page, lest he erase his words and charge me with misquoting him. So in the midst of excommunicating all of the LCMS clergy, he has to heave a digression full of unwarranted accusations, an ad hominem sputter, to avoid dealing with the facts of their nasty two-faced attitudes.

I would be wary of dealing with them in any fashion. They let their drama queen emotional state get in the way of the truth. They are currently in a status confessionis with me - or more accurately - status epilepticus. In other words, they do not talk to me, although my email is clearly posted. But they loudly complain about me on their Facebook pages, and "like" one another's little witticisms, so precious in the sight of the Lord. They they prove they aim to be what Luther described about Paul's opponents.

When he says, “to his face,” this is aimed especially against those poisonous spirits who slander those who are absent but do not dare open their mouths in the presence of these people. That is what the false apostles did; he touches them obliquely here, because they did not dare slander him in his presence; they did so only in his absence. “I did not,” he says, “speak evil of Peter in the way; but I opposed him candidly and openly, not because of any pretense, ambition, or other human affection or mental disease, but because he himself was deserving of attack.” Page 108 of LW Lectures on Galatians

They imagine their little fulminations are hidden away, since I have blocked the ELDONUT Enthusiasts on Facebook, but I can still read and copy their posts. The kids these days are so naive.

The Word of God is a better weapon - better upgrade, ELDONA.

Strange Accusations That Impugn Their Character
One ELDONUT claimed that their Pastor X "worked with people" but I do not.

That moved me to tears - tears of laughter. I was working with Pastor James Heiser around 20 years ago, when he was selling books with Lutheran Confessional Synod Bishop-for-Life Randy DeJaynes.

That situation blew up and I was again in contact with Heiser when he received a call to Malone and began working to get out of the LCMS. I promoted his books, sold his books, and he sold Thy Strong Word. He liked to play both sides of the fence, so he was working with Paul McCain to sell his Repristination Books through Concordia Publishing House.

As an AAL agent once said to me, "If a man has two stories, he does not believe either one."

This went on for a long time while I was in Phoenix and we had many long phone calls, mostly from Heiser calling me, all the way through taking the congregation out of the LCMS. He wanted to be at the independent Lutheran conferences I helped organize, and he was welcomed, but he seemed to have a hidden agenda.

When Stefanski joined his group, I figured that Heiser would have to face the Justification by Faith issue, but that did not happen. Anyway, Heiser wanted subordinates who bought his bishop-for-life status, so he went silent.

When WELS Pastor Paul Rydecki showed up at the Emmaus Conference, he got a free copy of a justification book from Brett Meyer. ELS Pastor Jay Webber hid behind a column, motioning to get Paul to go to lunch with him. Rydecki and I discussed publishing at great length, and I encouraged him to publish with ELDONA, not with me, because so many faux-Lutherans boycotted me and would hold any association. And I thought ELDONA was better than solo, which I stated clearly enough. I mostly help people think through options, instead of bossing them around.

It became clear that Rydecki was associating with ELDONA, as Doug Lindee of the Intrepid Lutherans did. I had many friendly exchanges with Lindee over the years, when he was Freddy Finkelstein. Funny how people associate with ELDONA and stop being friendly. That is no longer surprising, based on the raging of their bishop-for-life.

I have concluded a few things:

  • Concordia Seminary in Ft. Wayne really damaged a lot of pastors they produced, not only with UOJ fanaticism from Preus and Scaer, but also in their abusive, dishonest, and opportunistic behavior. ELDONA is largely a product of Ft. Wayne, where Jay Webber and Paul McCain graduated during the same time.
  • ELDONA is not really a Justification by Faith group. They went through the motions, but they are like the other mini-micro sects in being not-LCMS, not-WELS, not-something, and really obessesed with leaving Bablylon for their Paradise.
  • ELDONA is another sect-worshiping sect, glorying in how perfect they are. Just listen to them. Mercy! 
Someone Asked
Yes, I work with people all the time, various people from all over the world, at many different levels. A typical day involves communicating with three or four different people, not the same ones each day. 

Many abused people contact people because their synod ignore and shun them. I keep their secrets and share their sorrow. In fact, Heiser used to have pastors contact me after they were kicked out of the LCMS. I knew the process and tried to help in the recovery.