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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Shunning Contests and Legalism Do Not a Church Body Grow

Does a dentist live here - is he building up his practice?

The Synodical Conference sects are so much like the Fuddlementalist Babtists. If they only knew, they would throw down their Canon Law and start teaching the Gospel.

The Church of the Lutheran Confession (sic) never stops talking about the error of WELS breaking with the LCMS too late, marking but not avoiding. Apart from UOJ and Church Growth, that is all there is to CLC (sic) dogma. Their debates consist of demanding Unconditional Surrender from WELS. They even brag about being the mark and avoid synod, which is hilarious considering their love for Fuller and their ignorance of the Means of Grace.

I got President Dan Fleischer to write a good comment against Church Growth, which he published. But he still backed the Fools Gold Twins, Koenig and Tiefel, and everything they did. When someone was assigned a paper on the Means of Grace - which I also urged on them - he wrote me, "They never taught this at the CLC seminary." I gave him an outline to follow and quotes, and he wrote a good paper.

WELS? - The same thing. They spend their time complaining about the looseness of the LCMS, but Missouri has never voted in an all-gay congregation with an ELCA pastor, as WELS did with St. John Lutheran Church, 8th and Vliet, Milwaukee.  Nor does Missouri have an Odd Couple publishing about sodomy all the time - and asking for names/emails of males troubled about their sexuality.

The ELS brags about not being WELS.

ELCA, on the LCA side, said towns lacked the Gospel when only Missouri and WELS had congregations there. That was the LCA mission, to teaching the Gospel of Everyone Saved to those towns burdened only with the Synodical Conference. And yet, the LCMS and WELS and ELS and CLC(sic) teach the same UOJ as ELCA does.

Their Canon Law varies. WELS used to be all Geneva-gown-with-a-stole, a hilarious costume often featured in photos. But now the alb has become 100% in WELS with only a few exceptions.

ELCA and ELDONA favor the bishop title, the elegant robes, and the same clenched fist approach to their willing subordinates - fellowship based their Law, not on the Gospel.

So what happens when sects slight the Means of Grace in favor of their Canon Law? Their unbalanced state leaves them obsessed with one or another fetish and the need to feel superior to everyone else.

Bad thoughts will be reported to the bishop, District President,
 and circuit pastor. Their hands already hover above the
shun button.
Volume 27, ELDONA Canon Law

1)      We seek to achieve a high degree of uniformity in the liturgical expression of our theological agreement among the parishes of our signators.  Significant deviation in liturgical practice between parishes is confusing to the members of the Church.  Therefore, we commit ourselves to endeavor over time, by common consensus, to minimize local deviations from common practice.


It has become sadly evident that there is a need to make a clear distinction between the doctrine and practices of the Evangelical Lutheran Church and the churches of Eastern Orthodoxy .  Our fellowship eschews any appearance of “Easternizing.”  Yeah right

The Lord’s Supper

10) The use of grape juice or any other element but natural wine for the blood of Christ in the Lord’s Supper is a violation