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Thursday, July 28, 2016

"Let Us Battle about Synod Politics" - Says Satan

"I love synod politics -
they keep people from talking about sound doctrine."
Christian News may be an even bigger failure than the Church Growth Movement. Time will tell.

Larry Darby and I agreed about this issue 100% - When people play politics in their synod, they are playing the devil's games with the devil's rules. They cannot win.

Each Lutheran sect has unwritten rules about how to play the game. One thing they all know is this - never question Holy Mother Sect directly, because they will invite a severe counter-strike. That is just as true in ELCA as it is in WELS, Missouri, or the Little Sect on the Prairie.

I have not played that game

  • By being anonymous, or 
  • By following the rules of their Father Below. 
So one synod politician tells me I am nasty, then sends numerous emails about stuff I should post on this blog - but not with his name on it. Oh no.

But I do keep confidences, unlike the heroic synod politicians. There is no reason for the innocent to bear the wrath of felonious DPs, CPs, and wanna-B's.

The Intrepid Lutherans played that game in WELS. That got them silenced, scattered, kicked out, and almost completely silenced. Several of them joined ELDONA, where the imperious bishop-for-life has more unwritten rules and strictures than ELCA and Rome put together. 

Ralph Bohlmann was another creature of Christian News,
not a bad guy, just another opportunist.

Vote for the Right Man - Nope
The theme of Christian News has been a winner for Beezebub for 50 years. If the LCMS votes for the right man who wears the mantle of Walther, everything will be fine.

The politicians also have to court Otten. Once they no longer need him, they can fight with each other in public, which is good for the politicians. Everyone officially hates Christian News. If people knew how much the leaders handle the editor to spin their news and spike the stories on their crimes, subscriptions would be even lower.

Why don't the politicians court me and sing ballads written especially for me? Answer - I do not play their games. I keep changing the topic to doctrine and show with their own materials how far they have departed from the Christian Faith.

Additional proof comes from the crimes they cover up and excuse.

Naturally, they promote the worst clergy and punish the faithful. WELS' Mark Schroeder is a prime example.

But they are all following the template of CFW Walther, their guru, guide, and inspiration:
  1. Steal property whenever possible.
  2. Abuse women and children in the name of discipline.
  3. Teach universal absolution without compromise.
  4. Claim orthodoxy while teaching Pietism.
  5. Break the law and cover up the crimes.
Why does Justification by Faith make
Because they are closeted Universalists,
the unblessed fruit of Pietism.

Doctrine Judges Everything - Yes
Behold, here is the logic of your slavemasters, the synod politicians: "You cannot listen to him, because he is a terrible person. If you get information from him, you are just as bad as he is."

They glory in the personal attack, and never hesitate to make up whatever they want.

But only one thing judges everything else - 

The Chief Article of the Christian Religion - the Master and Prince - Justification by Faith.

Everything revolves around this central doctrine, which is why the Lutheran sects are so completely misled and corrupted by fads, enthusiasms, and pure hogwash.

The UOJ Stormtroopers came out against this blog like all the Plagues of Egypt. Knowing how they would hide their comments later, I featured them and replied to them. Almost nothing comes by email anymore, not even with my address posted conspicuously on the front page.

I continue to get positive responses from all over, but no one wants to prove UOJ to me. They are equally timid on the various fire-hydrants of the social media, where they used to leave their scent, often without an invitation or even being on the topic.

Tell Me - Why Does Christian News Join the Apostates in Banning Luther's Gospel?

There is only one possible answer to this question. The editor, like the Roman Empire, tolerates every confession of faith except the One True Faith.

He can keep up his circulation and please his multi-denominational base if he studiously avoids Justification by Faith. The only way Otten can teach the doctrine of the Scriptures - and the Reformation - is by repudiating the dogma of:
  1. Knapp
  2. Halle University
  3. Rambach
  4. Schleiermacher
  5. Bishop Martin Stephan, the founder of the Missouri Synod
  6. CFW Walther
  7. F. Pieper
  8. Edward Preuss, who became a famous Roman Catholic scholar and editor
  9. Jack Cascione
  10. JP Meyer
  11. ELCA
  12. Jar Jar Webber.

Popes come and go at Christian News,
but the papacy goes on forever.