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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Ski and Glende Turmoil - from 2009.
The Late Tim Niedfelt Argued Against This Blog at First, But Realized How Empty His Paris Was.
Niedfelt Joining St. John's Led WELS to Steal That Congregation and Its Endowment.

From Anonymouse: 

This has got to be a new low, even for you. You admit that you know nothing about this situation other than what you read in the St. Peter newsletter. As far as you know, this has absolutely nothing to do with the Core. Yet you print this story with your little photoshopped picture designed to make Pastor Glende and Ski look as ridiculous as you possibly can (What, you've never looked silly having a good time at a restaurant?) and hint that it has something to do with St. Peter's relationship with the Core. On the record: I have no Idea why Pastor Christenson asked for a call out of St. Peter AND YOU DON'T HAVE ANY IDEA EITHER! I really don't know how you can live with yourself or sleep at night.
"Lord, Lord, didn't I maintain a church on the internet and mercilessly mock those who weren't (in my opinion) orthodox enough?"
"I never knew you!"

Above is the original silly photo, posted by Bishop Katie herself on Twitter. Shame on Katie!
The threesome attended a pastoral conference on Mark Driscoll's home turf,
but no one owned up to being in Seattle for Driscoll.

GJ - Reading the tea leaves, I would say that the someone approved the departure of the new pastor after only a few months. The public record of Ron Ash and Tim Glende is clear - they are up to their necks in unionistic Church Growth. There is no possibility that the new pastor left because he was too growthy for that pair! Consider also the leaven of Ski and Katie, whose motto is: "No Enthusiast left behind." Another source confirmed that Glende and Ash are the cause, not the cure.

The Appleton Dumpling Gang is well fed.

This PhotoShop above was inspired by Glende's and Ski's lack of candor
about their trip to Seattle.

This cartoon made Wally Oelhaven furious,
but it sure fits The CORE, Ski, Glende, Kati, and Ron Ash.

Ron Ash retired as the pastor of St. Peter, Freedom,
He still chairs the odious Church and Chicanery faction in WELS.

Floyd Luther Stolzenburg introduced Church Growth to St. Paul, German Village,when Tim Glende was an impressionable teen member there. Kicked out of the LCMS for cause, Stolzenburg was divorced by his wife, but WELS made him an overpaid CG guru - then Kuske and Schumann endorsed him for pastoral work.The apple does not fall far from the tree, does it?
But sometimes we just end up with The CORE!

Anonymouse has left a new comment on your post "St. Peter Freedom (The CORE Mother-Church) Loses S...":

Pretty hypocritical that it's OK for Confessional Crusaders to post anonymously. As long as it promotes your skewed agenda, right PJ? What a freaking double standard.

Run on sentences? Well that's typical criticism from someone who is narrow minded (or should I say closed minded) and needs to retake reading and comprehension. So if there's no real substance to criticize, lets (sic) nit pick (sic - nitpick is one word) grammar. Give me a break. Get a life.

Mighty Mouse [Most likely Tim Felt-Needs] But he denies it.

Tim loves to use the term "Confessional Crusaders."
Mequon graduates - click on this link for proof.



2016 Update - Tim's family lost their love for the popcorn and soda at Victory of the Lamb. He lost his life in a tragic accident where a truck slammed into his car.

Tim first made fun of Confessional Crusaders and had a graphic made. Later he said he had become one. We do not have enough laity like that today, I am sorry to say.

Mighty Mouse was from Appleton, probably another Tim...Glende.

The Appleton gang got on the blog every day with their Apple computers (which were easily detected by my software). Lillo did not have an Apple. The Core/Glende did.

I think Don Patterson got into it until I identified the source of some really hateful emails - his hometown.

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